Democrats Pounce After Trump Screws Republicans On The Border

Democrats Pounce After Trump Screws Republicans On The Border

Trump screwed Republicans on the border deal, and Democrats have seized on an issue that looks to be moving toward…

2 months ago

Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Biden And Hands Greg Abbott Border Defeat

By a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court ruled that the Biden administration could take down Gov. Greg Abbott's floating razor-wire…

3 months ago

NEW: U.S. Resumes Removal of Migrants to Venezuela Even as the Human Rights Concerns Remain

"Today's announcement is a key part of our continuing efforts to strengthen the consequences that are in place at the…

6 months ago

Biden DOJ Sues Greg Abbott For ‘Dangerous and Unlawful’ Barriers in Rio Grande

The Department of Justice just filed a lawsuit against Governor Abbott to force Texas to remove floating barriers in the…

9 months ago

Officer Details Greg Abbott’s Shockingly ‘Inhumane’ Border Policy

Officers are objecting to Governor Greg Abbott's border patrol policies, with one calling them 'inhumane' as they are ordered to…

9 months ago

Karine Jean-Pierre Hammers Greg Abbott For Busing Migrants To Kamala Harris’s Residence

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre ripped Gov. Greg Abbott for his cruel stunt of busing migrant adults and children to Vice…

2 years ago

“Pro-Life” Gov. Greg Abbott Demands That Biden Starve Babies

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott demanded that Biden stop providing baby formula to migrant babies in US custody on the border.

2 years ago

After Being Nationally Humiliated Greg Abbott Repeals Border Clogging Truck Inspection Order

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) tried to save face, but after being exposed and nationally humiliated, he reversed his border truck…

2 years ago

Greg Abbott Is Essentially Kidnapping Migrants And Busing Them To D.C.

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) is taking migrants who have scheduled immigration appearances without their consent or the knowledge of the…

2 years ago

Jen Psaki Goes All In and Slams Greg Abbott for Creating Delays at the Southern Border

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki slammed Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) after Abbott ordered state troopers to step up…

2 years ago