Report Reveals Trump Was Adamant About Ripping Migrant Kids From Parents, No Matter Their Age

The stated goal of Trump's immigration policy was to rip children from their parents, regardless of how young the kids…

2 months ago

Former DHS Employee Miles Taylor Says Trump Wanted to “Maim” and “Pierce the Flesh” of Migrants

Miles Taylor, who served as chief of staff to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, says President Donald Trump would think up…

3 months ago

MSNBC’s Howard Fineman: Trump Ignoring SCOTUS on DACA Shows “Open Defiance Has Only Just Begun”

Journalist and MSNBC contributor Howard Fineman says President Donald Trump's open defiance has only just begun" amid reports that the…

4 months ago

ACLU Vows To Sue Trump And Win Over Illegal Census Memo

ACLU Director Dale Ho said that the organization will sue Trump over his illegal memo directed that undocumented immigrants not…

4 months ago

A Massive Loss For Trump As ICE Caves On Deporting College Students

The Department of Homeland Security backed down in the face of nine lawsuits and announced that they won't deport foreign…

4 months ago

Democrats Immediately Set A DACA Trap For Trump

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) warned that Trump could rescind DACA next week if he wanted to, as Democrats are pressuring…

5 months ago

Trump Loses Big As The Supreme Court Saves DACA

In a 5-4 decision written by Chief Justice John Roberts, the Supreme Court ruled that Trump acted illegally when he…

5 months ago

Four GOP Senators Push for Trump to Suspend Visas “During Recovery from the Coronavirus Pandemic”

Senators  Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) wrote a letter to President Donald Trump suggesting he suspend visas for…

7 months ago

Trump Suggests States with Sanctuary City Policies Would Be Denied Coronavirus Relief

In remarks to reporters, President Donald Trump suggested that relief funds from the federal government "could hinge on whether the…

7 months ago

Smugglers Sawed into Trump’s Border Wall 18 Times in One Month in San Diego

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) records obtained by The Washington Post via a Freedom of Information Act…

7 months ago

As Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” Plan Hits A Legal Snag, His Administration Turns to SCOTUS

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco is preventing President Donald Trump's administration from enforcing its Migrant Protection…

9 months ago

Trump Crushed As Judge Voids Policies By Illegal Immigration Appointment

A federal judge ruled that Trump's naming of Ken Cuccinelli acting head of US Citizenship and Immigration Services was illegal.

9 months ago

Opinion: Two Rulings Give a Glimmer Of Hope To Trump’s Favorite Targets

With Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate looming, even his go-to of sticking it to immigrants when he’s having a…

10 months ago

Opinion: Whistleblowing Is a Defense of Democracy, Not a Capital Offense

If you’re an immigrant, you have known blistering rhetoric and tweets for three years. You’ve lived with anti-immigrant policies that…

12 months ago

Opinion: Broken Immigration System Blames Those Who Lack Privilege For Its Failings

I had my green card renewed this past Monday, without incident. The entire process took 15 minutes. That’s privilege at…

12 months ago

Opinion: We Know We’re In Trouble when Gitmo Looks Fair

If you’re a child and an immigrant, this was the week you were told that your rights matter less than…

1 year ago

Smugglers Are Sawing Through Trump’s $10 Billion Wall In Minutes

Trump's big beautiful wall has turned into a big beautiful failure as smugglers are sawing through it.

1 year ago

Opinion: Children Cannot Consent

Children cannot give consent to so many things under the law. Whether it’s when someone rapes children, when children get…

1 year ago

Opinion: We Can Be Better Than Sending Sick People to Certain Death

We can do better than sending sick people to certain death, forcing them to literally beg Emperor Trump for their…

1 year ago

Democrats Blast Trump For Robbing The Military To Pay For His Wall

Speaker of the House Pelosi and Senate Democrats are vowing to fight Trump's move to steal $3.6 billion from military…

1 year ago

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