Chris Murphy

Sen. Chris Murphy Wipes The Floor With Kevin McCarthy

Sen. Chris Murphy Wipes The Floor With Kevin McCarthy

Speaker Kevin McCarthy's debt limit bill is not going over well in the Senate as Sen. Chris Murphy unloaded on…

7 months ago

Sen. Chris Murphy Begs On The Senate Floor For Something To Be Done About Guns After Uvalde Shooting

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) literally begged his colleagues on the Senate floor to do something about gun violence after the…

2 years ago

Senator Chris Murphy on Mass Shootings: “Congress Has Become Complicit in These Crimes”

Senator Chris Murphy criticized his colleagues for their inaction on gun reform measures just two days after a gunman killed…

3 years ago

Bill to Expand Federal Background Checks on All Gun Sales Reintroduced in the Senate

A bill to expand federal background checks on all gun sales has been reintroduced in the Senate by Senator Chris…

3 years ago

Congress Demands To Know From Fired IG About Trump’s Illegal Saudi Arms Deal

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) said that Congress needs to know now about any illegal activity in Trump's Saudi arms deal…

4 years ago

Senator Chris Murphy: The Trump Administration ‘Has Effectively Declared Surrender’ to Coronavirus

Senator Chris Murphy has accused the Trump administration of surrendering to Coronavirus. The Connecticut Democrat claims there is no plan…

4 years ago

Sen. Chris Murphy Says Republicans In Congress Gave Capital Gazette Shooter The Green Light To Kill

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) responded to the Capital Gazette shooting by reminding America that Republicans in Congress have sent potential…

5 years ago

Chris Murphy Tells Trump To Stay Quiet On Parkland Shooting Because He’ll Only Make Things Worse

"If I thought he was going to offer something that was real, actual consolation, I'd be willing to hear more.…

6 years ago

Chris Murphy Warns GOP They Are In For Rude Awakening If They Try Stopping Mueller

"They are all going to go down with the ship if they are seen as trying to protect against the…

6 years ago

Chris Murphy Says Virginia’s Democratic Wave Proves That NRA Blood Money Is Losing Its Influence

As gun violence continues to rear its ugly head all across this country, the American people want to see real…

6 years ago

Chris Murphy Slams Trump’s 12 Days Of Silence After Four U.S. Soldiers Were Killed In Africa

If Trump can't properly honor U.S. soldiers when they make the ultimate sacrifice for this country, it's likely he will…

6 years ago

Trump’s Head Will Explode When He Watches A Senator Destroy Him On Fox News

When Trump turns on his TiVo to watch his favorite channel, he is going to find Democratic Senator Chris Murphy…

6 years ago

‘Silence Is No Longer An Option’: Chris Murphy To Introduce New Gun Safety Legislation

"This silence has become unintentional endorsement. It's become a kind of sick complicity."

6 years ago

Chris Murphy Rains Hell On Trump For Attacking Suffering Puerto Ricans From His Ritzy Golf Club

"Today our President will sit in his opulent golf resort attacking hurricane first responders," Murphy tweeted.

6 years ago

A Democratic Senator Just Dropped A 100 Amendment Mega Bomb On The GOP Plot To Kill Obamacare

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) warned Republicans that if they try to bring up Graham-Cassidy for a vote, he has 100…

6 years ago

Chris Murphy Slams Trumpcare As A ‘Rotting Fish’ That Will Become More And More Unpopular

"The longer that it's out there the more it's going to stink. People are going to figure out what they're…

6 years ago

Democratic Senators Search Washington In An Effort To Find The GOP’s Secret Healthcare Bill

Democratic Senators Brian Schatz of Hawaii, Cory Booker of New Jersey, and Chris Murphy of Connecticut are marching to the…

6 years ago

Senate Democrat Says Impeachment Should Be On The Table After James Comey’s Testimony

Murphy didn't explicitly call for the impeachment of the president, but his comments suggest that Democrats are becoming more comfortable…

6 years ago

Democratic Senator Sets A Clever Trap For Trump By Demanding He Testify Under Oath

In a clever trap, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) is calling for Donald Trump to testify under oath, because it is…

6 years ago

Democratic Senator Kindly Reminds Trump That The U.S. Government Has Checks And Balances

Murphy said that Trump should stop whining about not getting his way and start learning how to run the government.

7 years ago

The Collusion Crumbles As Senator Says Russia And Wikileaks Work Together To Protect Trump

During an interview on MSNBC, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) suggested that Wikileaks and Russia are working to together to protect…

7 years ago

Sen. Chris Murphy Seeks Trump Tax Returns to Explain ‘Bizarre Positioning’ on Russia

"Either...the Russians have something on Trump or...there are financial ties that require Trump to behave in this way or...perhaps the…

7 years ago

Democrats Are Getting Ready To Make Republicans Pay For Silence On Trump Muslim Ban

Senate Democrats are planning to make Republicans pay dearly for not standing up and speaking out against President Trump's Muslim…

7 years ago

Connecticut Democrat Chris Murphy Schools Republicans on Trump Muslim Ban

"There is no moral equivalence between Obama's reluctance to militarily intervene in Syria and the #MuslimBan."

7 years ago

Senate Democrats Introduce Amendment That Would Block Obamacare Repeal

Democratic Sens. Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Tim Kaine (D-VA) have introduced an amendment that would derail the Republican fast-track repeal…

7 years ago

Dem Senator Destroys Myth That More ‘Good Guys With Guns’ Would’ve Prevented Sydney Siege

During an interview on CNN's New Day Monday Morning, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) fired back at host Chris Cuomo's assertion…

9 years ago

The Media’s Truth-Telling Double Standard is Penalizing Democrats

Democrats are subjected to a different set of standards than Republicans when it comes to their behavior including in political…

11 years ago