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Trump May Get Stacey Abrams Elected Governor By Having David Perdue Primary Brian Kemp

Trump is meddling in Georgia again, and this time he could very easily get Stacey Abrams elected governor.

5 months ago

David Perdue Announces He Won’t Run for Senate Seat in Georgia in 2022

Despite speculation that he would run against Senator Jon Ossoff (D) in 2022 after losing his Senate seat to Ossoff…

1 year ago

On Trump’s Last Day, Richard Burr Announces That He’s No Longer Under Investigation by the DOJ

Senators and congresspeople have access to information that the American public doesn't. It is expected that they don't use these…

1 year ago

WATCH: GOP Pollster Frank Luntz Says Next 48 Hours Will Be Among the Worst For the Republican Party

The polls weren't great this past election season. If they were more accurate, tonight's special election in Georgia would not…

1 year ago

Lou Dobbs Says If Loeffler, Perdue Win, It Proves Trump Is Right About Voter Fraud

This years presidential election featured a daunting map for Donald Trump. In 2016, he won traditionally Democratic states like Pennsylvania,…

1 year ago

Trump Praises Loeffler and Perdue for Pledging to Vote Against Certifying Biden’s Election Win

The Georgia Senate runoffs, which will determine which party will have control over Congress's upper chamber, are today. For weeks,…

1 year ago

Axios Co-founder: Some Republicans Believe Trump is “Sabotaging” Georgia Race

During an appearance on CNBC, Axios co-founder Mike Allen said that some Republicans believe President Donald Trump's erratic behavior in…

1 year ago

Trump Supporters “Heckled” Loeffler and Perdue During Monday Campaign Event

Donald Trump will no longer be the President of the United States come mid-January. His presence, though, will hang over…

1 year ago

While Biden Has Raised $10 Million to Aid Warnock and Ossoff, Trump is Just Pocketing Georgia Fundraising Money for Himself

Joe Biden received 306 Electoral College votes on Monday. On Tuesday, he headed down to Georgia to campaign for Raphael…

1 year ago

Republicans Are Creating a Donald Trump Jr. Ad to Appeal to Georgia Voters Who May Boycott Runoff

There is a runoff election upcoming in the state of Georgia that will decide the balance of power in the…

1 year ago

A PAC Associated With Roger Stone Says They Will Sabotage Georgia Senate Race if GOP Doesn’t Stand Up For Trump

It took them quite a long time, but many Republican senators have come to admit that Joe Biden defeated Donald…

1 year ago

GA Sen. David Perdue Just Cancelled Final Debate After He Got Destroyed by Jon Ossoff Last Night

There are many incumbent Republican senators who are considered good bets to lose their seats this year. That includes Maine's…

2 years ago

Republican Senator Pulls Ad Showing Jewish Democrat with Exaggerated Nose

A  Republican senator has deleted a Facebook ad depicting his Democratic opponent with a large, digitally manipulated nose. The campaign…

2 years ago

Republicans Falsely Accuse Obama Of Impeachable Offenses To Defend Trump

Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) couldn't defend Trump on the facts, so he accused Obama of impeachable offenses.

2 years ago

Georgia GOP Senator David Perdue Steals Phone From a Student

Georgia Senator David Perdue has created a new controversy in Georgia politics after he attempted to avoid a college student's…

4 years ago

Conservatives Go Gaga For Bibi As They Trip Over Themselves Praising Netanyahu’s Speech

Immediately after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a speech before Congress, Republicans and conservatives made sure to deliver overwhelming…

7 years ago

Is Georgia Ready For Hillary Clinton?

Midterm election results in Georgia show progressive trends and point to battleground potential for the 2016 presidential race.

8 years ago

Republican Georgia Senate Candidate Wants To Prosecute Obama For His Success

According to Georgia Republican Senate candidate David Perdue, his only reason for serving is to prosecute Democrats and President Obama…

8 years ago

Georgia GOP Senate Candidate Tries To Obstruct Camera Taping Him Signing A Woman’s Hip

Down in the polls and disgraced as a proud outsourcer, Republican David Perdue decided the best course of action was…

8 years ago

Democrats Surge As Michelle Nunn Leads Georgia Senate Race In Third Straight Poll

While the eyes of the nation are on Kentucky, there is an upset brewing in the Georgia Senate contest. A…

8 years ago