Department of Defense

Can We Actually Explain Those Leaked Navy UFO Videos?

All this attention is expected to peak in June when the Department of Defense is set to release a report…

12 months ago

Inspector Generals to Review Government’s Response to Capitol Attack

Investigators at the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, Defense, and Interior have announced plans to review their respective agencies' response…

1 year ago

House Committees Urge Defense Department IG to Investigate Political Retaliation Against Alexander Vindman

Two major congressional committees have called on the Department of Defense Inspector General to investigate political retaliation against impeachment witness…

2 years ago

Pentagon May Ban Confederate Flags from Military Bases

The Department of Defense may ban the display of the Confederate flag at its properties. The press obtained a proposed…

2 years ago

Pentagon Condemns House Benghazi Committee’s Wasteful “Speculative” Investigation

"Congress has an obligation to use resources and taxpayer dollars effectively and efficiently and respect the men, women, and resources…

6 years ago

GOP’s Favorite Socialist Program Lost $8.5 Trillion And Will Bankrupt America

It is a common Pentagon practice to "regularly cheat on its accounting books" by submitting a falsely balanced budget to…

7 years ago

Obama Hammers Republicans For Betraying Their Country On Climate Change

It was prescient, then, that when President Obama addressed graduates of the Coast Guard Academy and told them that "denying…

7 years ago

Desperate Rand Paul Morphs Into Defense Hawk, Proposes Increase Military Spending

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul introduced a budget amendment to increase military spending by 190 billion dollars over the next two…

7 years ago

Republicans Use Deficit Lie To Try To Cut Health Care While Increasing Military Spending

Republicans are looking for ways to increase the already bloated defense budget they claim is woefully underfunded. And, as is…

7 years ago

The GOP Wants to Turn America into the Ultimate No-Go Zone

Republicans want to replace the laws of physics and say, "This is how reality works now" but you can't legislate…

7 years ago

President Obama Will Request $263 Million To Outfit Law Enforcement With Body Cameras

President Obama will announce on Monday a proposal to provide $263 million in funds over a three-year period to outfit…

7 years ago

Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists Blame The Federal Government For Polar Vortex

White jets and their chemtrails have replaced black helicopters as harbingers of certain climate doom. It's the black guy in…

8 years ago

In One Fell Swoop Obama Announces Solar Jobs For 50,000 Veterans and Takes On Climate Change

Since Republicans have relentlessly obstructed jobs programs for America's Veterans, the President took it upon himself to enact the program…

8 years ago

Ted Cruz Says A Functioning Senate Subverts the Will of The People

In fact, there is very little that Ted Cruz even likes about this country, including the United States Constitution, that…

8 years ago

Obama Is Right Let Iraq Deal With ISIS As a Sovereign Nation

President Obama is right; Iraq can secure their own country's future" and "fight for their own country" against ISIS.

8 years ago

House Republicans Conspire With War Criminal Dick Cheney to Plot Iraq Strategy

House Republicans met with war criminal Dick Cheney for counsel on dealing with IS, and likely to promote a new…

8 years ago

Airman Ordered to Swear a Religious Oath or Get Out of the Air Force

The United States Air Force, itself sworn to "support and defend the Constitution," cannot abide by, support, or defend either…

8 years ago

Republicans Label Obama’s Plan To Combat Climate Change a Terrorist Attack

. As usual they use mendacity as a fear-mongering tool to convince their stupid supporters that President Obama's attempt to…

8 years ago

House Republicans Refuse to Discuss Climate Change Because They Aren’t Scientists

In the House of Representatives, Republicans signaled to the world that not only are they not discussing the veracity of…

8 years ago

In Case You Missed It… Assorted Oddities from Around the Web

Stories that hit the web this past week include the zombie apocalypse, Godzilla's anatomy, wheel design and fat Arnold Schwarzenegger.

8 years ago