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Sean Hannity: If There is Police Reform, America’s Streets “Will Run With Blood”

Sean Hannity: If There is Police Reform, America’s Streets “Will Run With Blood”

Following the killing of George Floyd last summer, there were calls for more police training and reform. The GOP and…

2 years ago

Sean Hannity Claims Teachers Will Soon Stop Teaching Math, Science and History and Replace Them With Critical Race Theory

Last week, it was announced that the United States had added 850,000 new jobs. This was a continuation of a…

2 years ago

Opinion: Trump’s Domestic Religious Crusade Has Begun in Earnest

The deliberate omission of white extremist attacks is necessary for Trump to convince Americans that the only one thing they…

6 years ago

“Brexit” Result Reveals Republican Xenophobia Has Infected England

The conservatives driving Brexit's success depended on fear, anti-globalism, tribalism and anti-immigration exactly like Donald Trump's campaign.

7 years ago

Cruz And Trump Share Tactics To Deal With Americans Practicing Islam

Like Joe McCarthy, Trump and Cruz see secret enemy Muslims and share a McCarthy plan to destroy them.

7 years ago

Republican Media Is Responsible For Muslim Child and African Americans Being Murdered

African Americans are not the only victims of media incitement to murder as was borne out on Thursday in Missouri…

9 years ago

Desperate Conservatives Break Out the Terror for Swing States

Conservative group Let Freedom Ring is airing a new ad that borrows from the Glenn Beck chalkboard approach to logic…

11 years ago