Koch Brothers Helped Incite the Impending Bloodbath Among Republicans

"If the party doesn’t learn lessons and change based on what’s gone on for the last year and a half,…

6 years ago

It’s The Kochs, Not Republicans Prohibiting A SCOTUS Nominee Vote

The mainstream media must identify the real American government and Supreme Court “hostage takers;” the Koch brothers

6 years ago

The Koch Brothers Complain About Buying Low Quality Republicans Who Lack Substance

The Koch brothers have no right to complain about the tone of Republican politics because it is exactly what they…

7 years ago

Tea Party’s Latest Plan To Get Millions To March On Washington Will Be A Comedic Failure

This weekend, a far-right, anti-government group calling itself Patriots For America, plans to organize a 'huge' march on Washington, D.C.…

8 years ago

Kentucky Tea Party Senate Candidate Matt Bevin Has No Clue What The National Debt Is

This week, Bevin decided to release an attack ad against McConnell regarding his vote on the debt ceiling increase that…

8 years ago

A Venture Into Real Democracy On Red State Capitol Grounds

Dennis S. attended Truthful Tuesday, a demonstration in Columbia, SC on Tuesday and provided a detailed breakdown of the event.

8 years ago

The Koch Brothers Seditious Shutdown Conspiracy Should Get Them 20 Years in Prison

The DOJ will have an easy time prosecuting and convicting the Kochs because there are money trails leading directly to…

9 years ago

Republican Congressman Says He’s Not Convinced Sandy Victims Need Relief

Kansas Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp told AFA Director of Issues Analysis Bryan Fischer that he saw no real need for…

9 years ago

Glenn Beck Calls on the Tea Party to Indoctrinate Children

Remember when Glenn Beck got all outraged last September and claimed that President Obama was indoctrinating children with his back…

12 years ago