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Trump’s Approval Rating Collapses To 39% With Independents

Trump’s Approval Rating Collapses To 39% With Independents

Trump's job approval rating has fallen six more points overall and an additional four points with Independents, when he is…

4 years ago

GOP Senator Mocked For Bragging About Trump’s 43% Approval Rating

The number two Republican in the U.S. Senate went on Twitter this morning to boast about a new Gallup poll…

5 years ago

One in Five Women Want to Leave the U.S. Because of Trump

A new Gallup Poll shows that 16% of all Americans, including 20% of U.S. women, would like to leave the…

6 years ago

Latest Gallup Poll Shows Lowest Approval of Trump’s Presidency

President Donald Trump likes to brag whenever his approval rating is rising in any poll.  But the latest Gallup poll…

6 years ago

Republicans Flee The Trump Dumpster Fire As President’s Approval Rating Hits New Low

The new Gallup presidential approval rating daily tracker reveals that Republicans are running away from Donald Trump.

7 years ago

New Poll Delivers Horrible News To Trump As Republicans Are Fleeing His Failing Presidency

A new Gallup poll shows Trump's approval rating with Republicans is now sitting in the Nixon during Watergate territory that…

7 years ago

Shocking Poll Finds That GOP Convention Made Voters Less Likely To Vote For Trump

For the first time in Gallup's history, the Republican Party's convention made voters less likely to support Donald Trump.

8 years ago

Bad News For Trump As Democrats Are Beginning To Come Home And Follow The Election

The mythical Trump bump may be nearing its end as a new poll shows that more Democrats are beginning to…

8 years ago

Media Lie Obliterated As Poll Finds Hillary Clinton Supporters Extremely Enthusiastic

Hillary Clinton supporters are extremely or very enthusiastic by 54% to Senator Bernie Sanders supporters who are extremely or very…

8 years ago

Republicans Reeling As American People Demand SCOTUS Nominee Confirmation In New Poll

A new Gallup poll released today shows that 52% favor a Senate confirmation of Judge Merrick Garland and just 29%…

8 years ago

Americans Reject Republican Extremism As Tea Party Support Hits Record Low

Support for the tea party has hit a record low, as the American people are finished with the extremist right…

9 years ago

Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out: Poll Shows Americans Happy To See Boehner Go

John Boehner's approval rating went up by 12 points with Independents and 11 points with Democrats after he announced that…

9 years ago

America Is A Liberal Nation: For The First Time Social Liberals Outnumber Conservatives

For the first time since polling began in 1999, Gallup found that there are more social liberals in the United…

9 years ago

Americans Rally Around The President As Obama Approval Jumps 5 Points Thanks To Netanyahu

Since Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived in the U.S., President Obama's approval rating has increased by 5 points in the…

9 years ago

President Obama’s Approval Rating Swells To A 19 Month High In Gallup Poll

Even Gallup's polling is showing President Obama's growing momentum. According to the Gallup Daily Tracking poll, President Obama's job approval…

9 years ago

Two New Polls Bring Great News For President Obama and Congressional Democrats

Two polls, one from Gallup that showed President Obama's approval rating surging with Hispanics, and one from CNN that showed…

10 years ago

Obama Approval Rating Jumps 10 Points After Democratic Convention

According to the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll, President Obama's approval rating has jumped a net 10 points from 45%/46% to…

12 years ago

You’re No JFK: George W. Bush Is the Least Popular Living Former President

Gallup has released their 2010 poll of the most popular presidents of the last 50 years. While the two names…

14 years ago

Obama’s Approval Rating Goes Up After Midterm Election Defeat

According to a new Gallup poll released today, President Obama has been helped by the midterm election that his party…

14 years ago

Poll: Obama Would Crush Hillary Clinton in a 2012 Rematch

Republicans and Fox News have been fantasizing about the prospects of Sec. of State Hillary Clinton challenging President Barack Obama…

14 years ago