Gun Rights

The Second Amendment Didn’t Fall From Heaven Into The U.S. Constitution

Reading the Second Amendment on its face value and in its historical context or original intent, it is clear that…

4 years ago

Awful Human Being Trump Lifts Obama-Era Ban On Importing African Elephant Heads

With the world crumbling around his administration, Donald Trump thought now would be a good time to encourage the killing…

4 years ago

Ohio GOP Pushing Measure To Allow Guns On College Campuses, In Day Care Centers

If approved, it would also allow firearms in police stations and airports.

5 years ago

Ted Nugent Says ‘Nothing more anti-American than the freaks that hate me’

Watch out, because Nugent says the only thing more dangerous than a "sow Grizzly bear with cubs is Ted Nugent…

6 years ago

The Medical Debt of Colorado Shooting Victims Cries out for Healthcare Reform

Many victims of the Colorado shootings are facing ruinous financial debt due to expensive surgeries and rehabilitation for their wounds.

9 years ago

Stand Your Ground’s Hideous Double Standard of Prosecuting African-Americans

When an African-American makes the mistake of defending their property against a white man, as was the case in Georgia,…

10 years ago

Rachel Maddow Asks What It Will Take To Fight The Gun Lobby

Rachel Maddow pointed out that no matter what the people want, we can't even have a dialogue about gun laws…

10 years ago

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