Religious Right Leader Rick Wiles is Fascinated by Obama’s Privates

You know the Religious Right, and maybe some of its male leaders, have got nothing when they start worrying about…

8 years ago

While Media Obsesses About Foreign Donors, Bill Clinton Defends Clinton Foundation’s Work

In an exclusive interview with NBC News' Cynthia McFadden, Bill Clinton defended the Clinton Foundation's work.

8 years ago

Friday Fox Follies – Angels With Dirty Faces

While you were sleeping Fox News and Dish Network Have Reached a Deal. This truce came after Fox News goes…

8 years ago

Post-Racial America: 4th Of July Float In Nebraska Depicts Obama As Racist Caricature

On the 4th of July, the town of Norfolk, NE held a parade. One float that was created by a…

9 years ago

Pat Boone Says That Obama Has Committed ‘High Crimes’ By Faking His Birth Certificate

Pat Boone, who became famous in the 1950s for singing white-washed versions of black artists' songs, appeared on The Alan…

9 years ago

Reality Messing with your Narrative? Invent a More Congenial World

Republicans can talk about things that never happened as though they did, but Democrats cannot talk about things that DID…

9 years ago

Getting Cray-Cray for God in Iowa – or Let’s Party Like it’s 2016

Though we're three-years-plus out from Election Day 2016, the Iowa clown car is fast filling up with those jockeying to…

10 years ago