Letitia James

NY AG Letitia James Turns Evidence Of Trump Bank Fraud Over To The IRS And Federal Prosecutors

New York Attorney General Letitia James has found evidence of federal crimes such as bank fraud and turned the evidence…

4 months ago

Trump And At Least 1 Of His Kids Set To Be Sued For Fraud

NY Attorney General Letitia James has rejected Trump's settlement offer and the stage is now set for the former president…

4 months ago

Trump’s Day Of Reckoning Draws Closer As He Loses Appeal To Block NY Fraud Case

Donald Trump lost an appeal to block NY Attorney General Letitia James' fraud investigation and he now must testify.

8 months ago

Flailing Trump Is Trying To Fight A $10,000/Day Fine For Not Turning Over Documents

New York Attorney General Letitia James has asked for Trump to be fined $10,000 a day for not turning over…

9 months ago

Trump Is Refusing To Turn Over Financial Docs So NY AG Moves To Hold Him In Contempt

New York Attorney General Letitia James has moved to hold Donald Trump in contempt and fine him $10,000 a day…

10 months ago

All I Do is Get Attacked and Abused: Trump Issues Whiny Statement About NY State Investigation

While he was in the White House, Donald Trump was shielded from investigations into his business practices. But now that…

2 years ago

WATCH: NY AG Letitia James Predicts Trump Will Resign So Pence Can Pardon Him. But She Also Says It Won’t Help.

From the day she took office in January of 2019 , New York Attorney General Letitia James put a target…

2 years ago

New York AG Letitia James: Execs Used NRA as “Their Personal Piggy Bank”

Letitia James has claimed some people at the National Rifle Association used the organization as their "personal piggy bank" as…

2 years ago

NY Attorney General Letitia James Moves To Dissolve The NRA

NY Attorney General Letitia James has moved to dissolve the NRA after a state investigation found rampant fraud and abuse…

2 years ago

NY Attorney General Ripped Trump A New One After He Threatened Her State

New York Attorney General Letitia James unloaded on Trump after he threatened to withhold federal aid unless they dropped lawsuits…

3 years ago

Trump accuses New York state of trying to take down the NRA over Letitia James’ subpoenas

It has worked closely with legislators to protect firearms manufacturers from liability for gun violence and pushed a ban on…

4 years ago

New York Will Investigate and Prosecute Trump, His Family and His Business

The newly-elected Attorney General for the State of New York has some big plans. And they involve the President of…

4 years ago

James, NY Democratic attorney general nominee, to aim investigations at Trump

By Jonathan Allen NEW YORK (Reuters) - For President Donald Trump, the New York attorney general's office has been a…

4 years ago