The Revolution is Not Over, My Friends

The Revolution is Not Over, My Friends

Conservatives have for a long time controlled the discourse on freedom and liberty, but these are liberal ideals, and we…

9 years ago

On Independence Day Republicans Crusade To Eliminate the Rights of Half The Population

Republicans at all levels of government, at the behest of the religious right, have launched a vicious crusade to eliminate…

9 years ago

What are ‘Liberals,’ What are ‘Progressives,’ and Why the Difference Matters

Not all liberals are progressive, and not all progressives are liberal. And when we discuss politics, we must recognize and…

10 years ago

The Right’s Religious Liberty Lie Hides the Heart of the War on Women

Religious liberty proponents don't understand that Obama's policy does not require any man, or woman, to use contraception or to…

11 years ago

Opposition to the Individual Mandate Not a Question of Liberty

Opposition to the individual mandate has nothing to do with civil liberties and (surprise!) everything to do with avarice and…

12 years ago

Roe V Wade @ 39: The Struggle For Female Liberty Continues

In the South and Midwest of our country, an evil struggling against female freedom is winning ground. In Mississippi, a…

12 years ago