Loretta Lynch

AG Lynch Addresses The Post-Election Hate Crime Epidemic in Video Statement

"We still have a long way to go to ensure that every American can live free from the fear of…

5 years ago

Harry Reid Applauds DOJ Plan to Address GOP Neglected Police Brutality

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid applauded the Department of Justice’s plan, announced on Thursday, to address police brutality. Also, Reid…

6 years ago

Republicans To Waste More Taxpayer Money On Investigating The Hillary Clinton Investigation

As if Donald Trump being the nominee didn't make the party a caricature already; now they want to convince the…

6 years ago

GOP To Go Bonkers After Loretta Lynch Announces No Charges Against Hillary Clinton

Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that Hillary Clinton will face no charges for her use of a private email server.

6 years ago

Loretta Lynch Storms Fox News And Destroys The GOP Clinton Email Conspiracy

Attorney General Loretta Lynch took apart Fox News and their baseless conspiracy that President Obama will protect Hillary Clinton in…

6 years ago

Obama DOJ Stands Up For Civil Rights By Suing NC For State Sponsored Discrimination

Attorney General Loretta Lynch took a stand for the civil rights of all Americans when she sued the state of…

6 years ago

D.O.J. Orders Stop to Criminalizing Homelessness and Poverty

Attorney General Lynch demands a halt to criminalizing homelessness for profit.

6 years ago

Eric Holder Says It’s Time To Talk Marijuana Decriminalization

Holder says, “You know, we treat marijuana in the same way that we treat heroin now, and that clearly is…

6 years ago

Obama Justice Department Launches $20 Million Police Body Camera Pilot Program

Attorney General Loretta Lynch unveiled a 20 million dollar pilot program to equip police departments around the nation with body…

7 years ago

Sen. Ted Cruz Humiliates Himself By Getting Key Senate Rules Wrong

While still trying to defend blowing off Loretta Lynch's confirmation vote, Sen. Ted Cruz humiliated himself by not knowing the…

7 years ago

Obama Strikes Back By Giving Senate Republicans No Credit For Confirming Loretta Lynch

President Obama took a shot a Senate Republicans in his statement about Loretta Lynch's confirmation by completely ignoring Mitch McConnell…

7 years ago

History Is Made As The Senate Votes 56-43 To Confirm Loretta Lynch

Loretta Lynch became the nation's first female African-American Attorney General today as the Senate finally voted to confirm her nomination,…

7 years ago

For Corporate Profits Republicans Want President Obama To Skirt Congress’ Authority

What is duplicitous and very telling about how Republicans operate, and where their only loyalties and priorities lie, is that…

7 years ago

Obama Goes Off On Mitch McConnell By Calling His Senate Leadership Embarrassing

President Obama ripped Mitch McConnell without mentioning his name by calling the Senate dysfunctional and calling McConnell's leadership embarrassing because…

7 years ago

Obama Blasts Congressional Republicans For Holding Up Loretta Lynch Confirmation Vote

President Obama used his weekly address to hammer Mitch McConnell and congressional Republicans for playing politics by holding up Loretta…

7 years ago

Obama White House Hammers Mitch McConnell For Lying About Loretta Lynch Vote

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for lying about why he is delaying…

7 years ago

During his Final Days as AG Eric Holder Will Push For Improved Civil Rights Protections

During an interview with Politico on Friday, Holder said he plans to push for a new standard of proof in…

7 years ago

5 Big Whoppers from Speaker Boehner

Unwilling to do anything to help Americans, John Boehner concocts some more self-serving lies to blame Obama for his own…

7 years ago

Attorney General nominee defends Obama immigration changes

Confronting skeptical Republicans, attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch pledged a new start with Congress and independence from President Barack Obama…

7 years ago

Conservative Website Deletes Article Incorrectly Identifying AG Nominee As Another Woman

Breitbart ran an article claiming AG nominee Loretta Lynch was a member of the Clinton legal team during the Whitewater…

8 years ago