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David Barton Lies That Lawsuit Which Did Not Take Place Proves He Doesn’t Lie

David Barton tried to refute his long history of lying by falsely claiming a lawsuit which never took place proves…

7 years ago

Religious Right Freaks out When Air Force Academy Obeys Constitution

Tony Perkins says religious freedom is FORCING Air Force cadets to say "So help me God" at the end of…

9 years ago

The Quest to Turn the U.S. Military into the Army of God

Fundamentalist Christianity is determined to turn not only our government, but more frighteningly, our military, into their tool

9 years ago

Joe Miller is Back – Says Obama is Establishing a Religious Apartheid

While Republicans work to impose a religious apartheid on America, Alaska's Joe Miller points the finger at Barack Obama

9 years ago

Navy Seals Are Not Dominionists’ Rescue Squads

In addition to the mandatory attendance requirements at events sponsored by, and performed on, military campuses everywhere - there are…

9 years ago

The McCain Backpedal on Benghazi Begins

From lies and calling for a Watergate-esque investigation to 'We're not trying to quote 'take on anyone,'' McCain is backpedaling.

10 years ago

When Issuing Imprecatory Death Prayers, Does Spelling Count?

When right wing prayer warriors issue death fatwas, does spelling count? If so - several of us are safe.

10 years ago

“Three Important Documents” – Air Force Training Requires Chapel Attendance

Here is an example parasitic proselytizing at its worst and in the most dangerous institution of all - our military.

10 years ago