Hakeem Jeffries Already Has A Plan To Hand Kevin McCarthy A Big Debt Ceiling Defeat

House Democratic Leader Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) made it clear in an interview with NPR that Democrats have a plan…

2 weeks ago

Opinion: Obama’s White House Visit Underlines Story Democrats Need To Tell About Themselves And GOP

Democrats need to focus intensely on loudly telling the story of what life in America will really be like if…

10 months ago

Opinion: If We Ignore Trump, Might He Not Just Go Away?

In the early evening of last November 5, two days after the election when mail-in votes were in the process…

2 years ago

Trump’s Base Is Shrinking Which Is Why He’s Trying To Block Your Vote

The backbone of Trump's support is non-college-educated white voters, but these voters have shrunk by 4% since 2016.

2 years ago

NPR Business Journalist: Ivanka Trump’s Jobs Plan Is Stupid, Wrong and Lazy

NPR business journalist Adam Davidson has slammed Ivanka Trump's jobs plan for America. He says the plan is filled with…

3 years ago

Barr Falls Apart When Pressed For Evidence Of Mail In Ballot Fraud

Attorney General William Barr was pressed for evidence to back up his claims of potential mail-in ballot fraud and he…

3 years ago

Coronavirus Questions How We Define Freedom, Especially for Women Enduring Domestic Violence

I was out driving in Chicago the other day, and as I stopped for a red light near the corner…

3 years ago

Sen. Burr Gave Rich Donors Secret Coronavirus Early Warning As Trump Downplayed Fears

Sen. Richard Burr was heard on a leaked tape giving early warning on the coronavirus to rich donors as Trump…

3 years ago

Giuliani Urges Trump To Investigate Biden After Senate Acquittal

Rudy Giuliani said that Trump should launch an investigation of Joe Biden right after Senate Republicans acquit him on the…

3 years ago

Trump Praises Pompeo For Screaming F-Bombs At NPR Host

Trump praised his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for screaming F-bombs at an NPR host who asked him about Ukraine…

3 years ago

Mike Pompeo Issues Lie Filled Statement Attacking NPR

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had the State Department issue a lie-filled statement attacking NPR because they asked him about…

3 years ago

Mike Pompeo Drops F-Bombs And Shouts At NPR Host For Asking About Ukraine

Sec. of State Mike Pompeo dropped F-bombs and shouted at NPR All Things Considered host Mary Louise Kelly for asking…

3 years ago

Adam Schiff Makes A Devastating Case Against Trump For Bribery

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) laid out the strong argument that Trump could be impeached for bribery.

3 years ago

Trump Supporters Go Nuts And Scream Liberal Bias After NPR Tweets The Declaration Of Independence

Here is the proof that Trump's toxic media attacks are harming the country. After NPR had tweeted the Declaration of…

6 years ago

Obama Perfectly Diagnoses How The Media Handed Trump The Keys To The White House

In an interview with NPR, President Obama was careful not to blame the media for Trump's win, but he did…

6 years ago

The Shockingly Stupid Reason “Educated” Women Gave For Voting For Misogynist Trump

Economic growth, declining deficit, lower taxes, and historical record of job creation means “the country going in the wrong direction."

6 years ago

Obama Tells Republican Babies That They Don’t Get Their Way 100% Of The Time

In an interview with NPR, President Obama told tantruming Republicans in the Senate that they have failed to make a…

7 years ago

President Obama Nails The Media For Whipping Up Fear To Get Ratings

President Obama is calling out the media for trying the scare the American people about terrorism in order to boost…

7 years ago

Bernie Sanders Now Has More Donors At This Point Than Any Other Candidate In History

During an interview on NPR, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced that he now has more individual donors than any…

7 years ago

President Obama Explains That Discussion Regarding Race Issues Is Healthy For The Nation

During a comprehensive interview with NPR's Steve Inskeep that was released Monday, President Obama spoke at length on a number…

8 years ago

Elizabeth Warren Refuses To Say That She Will Never Run For President

During an interview on NPR, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) emphatically stated that she is not running for president now, but…

8 years ago

Hillary Clinton Tells Karl Rove and The Republican Party To Bring It On

During an interview on NPR, Hillary Clinton blasted Karl Rove and the Republican Party for planting false information that is…

9 years ago

Powerful Democratic Operatives in D.C. Help South Carolina Republicans Retain Control

South Carolina Democrat Jaime Harrison is a powerful lobbyist for the Podesta Group. He's about to become the Chairman of…

10 years ago

Historical or hysterical? What to make of Tim Scott replacing whack-job DeMint

South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley has made history in appointing a black Republican, but was the move historical or hysterical?

10 years ago

Saving You From Socialist Light Bulbs by Saving You From Pesky Facts

Republicans are fighting light bulb socialism, trying to save the old fashioned light bulb without mentioning a single relevant fact

11 years ago

Cowboying Up on Freedom of Speech GOP Style

There is a trend here, and it is unmistakable: free speech is a tool, or more accurately, a weapon, to…

12 years ago

Fox News Accuses NPR of Offensive and Biased Coverage

Today on Fox and Friends Fox News continued the right wing attack on NPR, as they now claimed that George…

12 years ago

Sarah Palin and Fox News Declare War on NPR

Your First Amendment abusers and confuses Sarah Palin and Fox News are declaring war on NPR for firing Juan Williams…

12 years ago

Bill O’Reilly Labels NPR Jihadist

FNC's Bill O'Reilly has been behaving relatively sanely, but that changed tonight on his program The O'Reilly Factor when he…

13 years ago