Sex crimes

Texas man behind controversial 3-D printed guns charged with sex assault of minor

A Texas man whose plan to sell blueprints for 3-D printed plastic guns spurred national controversy was charged on Wednesday…

5 years ago

CNN Host Smacks Down Rape Apologist’s Attempt To Victim Blame Sexual Abuse Survivors

During a segment on CNN's Newsroom Thursday, host Carol Costello pushed back against author Susan Patton's attempts to both blame…

8 years ago

Hateful Misogynist Rush Limbaugh Tells Men That Women Mean Yes When They Say No

Another day, another new low reached by bottom-scraping conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh. In this instance, Limbaugh justified rape culture…

9 years ago

Anonymous Cowards Try To Silence Female Journalists With Violent Sexual Threats

Women who are involved in journalism are increasingly the targets of violent sexual threats by anonymous cowards in hopes of…

10 years ago

Republicans Seek to Decriminalize Rape and Other Crimes Against Women

Republicans seek to assuage the crime of rape by redefining it to prevent women from abortion services, claiming it is…

10 years ago

Fox News Viewers Threaten Woman for Challenging Their Beloved Rape Culture

Fox News viewers responded to the idea that real men don't rape with racial epithets and death threats.

10 years ago

Why Won’t Sarah Palin Admit Her Body Has Magic Powers

Bryan Fischer is upset that his word isn't good enough; that his Christian male voice does not invalidate a woman's…

11 years ago

A Mountain of Legislation Proves Legitimate Rape is Republican Policy, Not a Gaffe

As Akin begs forgiveness for his words, not one Republican apologizes for the mountain of legislation that proves 'legitimate rape'…

11 years ago