Stock Market

On Trump’s Last Day, Richard Burr Announces That He’s No Longer Under Investigation by the DOJ

Senators and congresspeople have access to information that the American public doesn't. It is expected that they don't use these…

2 years ago

Joe Biden Says Trump Is Focused on the Stock Market: “Not You. Not Your Families”

Joe Biden has accused Donald Trump of surrendering to the Coronavirus and being more concerned with stock prices than Americans'…

3 years ago

Trump Suggests That People Should Die For The Stock Market

While in Arizona, Trump appeared to suggest that the American people should be willing to die of coronavirus to grow…

3 years ago

Trump Uses Coronavirus Briefing To Brag About The Stock Market

Trump bragged about the Dow gaining 2,100 points, as the coronavirus spreads and the American death toll continues to grow.

3 years ago

Stocks Plunge Again, Dow Loses All Gains Since Trump Took Office

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost all gains it amassed since President Donald Trump took office, a further indication…

3 years ago

Trading On Wall Street Halted As Markets Drop Thousands Of Points Over Coronavirus, Oil Concerns

Wall Street stock markets dropped so precipitously on Monday's opening bell that a 15-minute delay in all trading conducted was…

3 years ago

Correction: Trump Now Has The 8 Largest Daily Dow Drops By Points In US History

Donald Trump has staked his entire reelection campaign on taking credit for Wall Street and the economy, but Trump now…

3 years ago

Trump Melts Down And Blames The Democratic Debate For Stock Market Plummet

Trump admitted the real reason why he held the Coronavirus press conference as he blamed the stock market plummet on…

3 years ago

Trump Is Livid Over Coronavirus Stock Market Drop

Donald Trump is livid over the stock market plunge due to the Coronavirus, and he wants more lies to keep…

3 years ago

Opinion: American Lives Depend on Telling True Story of Trump’s Life-Destroying Economy

What is the story of the U.S. economy? Not unlike the proverbial elephant subject to scrutiny by a band of…

3 years ago

Trump Flips Out As Stock Market Plunges And No One Buys His Lies

Trump started frantically retweeting himself as the stock market plummeted and no one believed his tariff lies.

4 years ago

To What Extent is Trump Really Abusing the Presidency to Get Rich at America’s Expense?

We know that the Philippines, Kuwait, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia are among the foreign governments booking large blocks of rooms…

4 years ago

Trump Tries to Tank Stock Market With $100 Billion of New China Tariffs

For some unknown reason Donald Trump is trying to simultaneously undermine stock markets while at the same time eliminating millions…

5 years ago

Off-The-Rails Trump Demands Credit As Obama’s Economy Continues To Boom

Trump seems to believe – or at least want you to believe – that this rosy economic picture came out…

5 years ago

‘Wrong!’: MSNBC Hosts In Disbelief After Trump Proves He Doesn’t Understand Basic Economics

Either the businessman president doesn't understand basic economics or he is intentionally misleading the American public.

5 years ago

Trump Supporter Shut Down For Trying To Give POTUS Credit For Obama’s Economy

"It's like a guy built a house and sold it to someone, and that person walked in and turned the…

5 years ago

Stocks Soar By More Than 200 Points After FBI Decision Improves Clinton’s Odds Of Victory

In moments of the campaign when his polling has improved, the markets went into a freefall.

6 years ago

Pat Robertson Says Black Monday is God Smacking Us Down Over Planned Parenthood

If he was aiming for Planned Parenthood, God nailed the wrong country, and besides, things aren't looking so bad this…

7 years ago

Scott Walker Nukes His Presidential Campaign With Idiotic Comments As Stock Market Tumbles

Donald Trump is talking about China, which has prompted an ill-considered attempt by Scott Walker to sound relevant regarding foreign…

7 years ago