Supply-side economics

Study: Thirty-five Years of Conservative Policies Contributed to Violence In Baltimore

The problem with the Republicans' argument and lies, and there are many, is that statistics continue to prove that conservative…

7 years ago

Media Intentionally Hides Republicans’ Economic Failures And Democrats’ Success

t is true that Republican policies are why Americans are rapidly losing economic ground to the few wealthy elites, but…

7 years ago

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Is Stealing More From Children And Retirees To Fund Tax Cuts

Brownback's latest trickle down approach to make up for gross revenue shortfalls "crippling the state's finances" include cutting classroom funding…

7 years ago

Mitch McConnell Admits Republicans Want Kansas’ “Conservative Hell” Enacted Nationally

McConnell is anxious to lead the Senate and join House Republicans in enacting Brownback's Koch brother model at the national…

7 years ago

The GOP Obsession with the Rich and Corporations Has Brought Us to the Fiscal Cliff

The Republicans' love affair with an anti-tax agenda goes back to before the Reagan era, and has persisted as the…

9 years ago

Ross Douthat Wants Moderates to Believe Paul Ryan is Their Guy

Ross Douthat removes the details from the picture so he can clarify it, getting rid of all those pesky, distracting…

9 years ago

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