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The New Trump Charges Are So Bad That Fox News Won’t Talk About It

The New Trump Charges Are So Bad That Fox News Won’t Talk About It

Fox News doesn't seem to be defending Donald Trump against the new indictment filed by Jack Smith, instead, Jesse Watters…

5 months ago

Mark Levin Nearly Strokes Out On Fox Over Trump Potentially Spending The Rest Of His Life In Prison

Fox News is not taking Trump's indictment well, as Mark Levin nearly had a stroke while discussing Trump potentially spending…

6 months ago

Trump Has Apparently Committed So Many Crimes That He’s Not Sure What He’s Indicted For

Donald Trump has apparently committed so many crimes that he had to assume that he was indicted for the classified…

6 months ago

Justice Comes To Mar-a-Lago As Trump Indicted On 7 Counts

CNN is reporting that former president Donald Trump has been indicted on seven federal counts related to the classified documents…

6 months ago

Secret Service Will Decide If Trump Will Be Handcuffed After Indictment

The Secret Service will take the lead after an indictment is delivered to Trump and they will decide if he…

9 months ago

Rachel Maddow Discusses The Attack On Democracy If Trump Is Indicted

Rachel Maddow said that the US judicial system will be attacked like it has never been before if Donald Trump…

10 months ago

Trump Is Growing Concerned About Being Indicted By DOJ

Trump is growing privately concerned that the Justice Department is going to indict him for stealing classified documents.

1 year ago

Democrats To Pursue Law Change So Trump Can Be Indicted In Office

Rep. Kathrine Clark (D-MA) said that House Democrats are going to pursue changing the law so that a sitting president…

4 years ago

Trump Could Be Facing Indictment In NY For Filing False Tax Returns

New York appears to be building a case against Trump for filing false tax returns, and the state can indict…

4 years ago

Sally Yates Says Trump Would Be Indicted If He Wasn’t President

Former acting attorney general Sally Yates said that she had prosecuted obstruction of justice cases that had less evidence than…

5 years ago

Analysis: Imminent Indictment May Soon Cause Trump to Resign

The mainstream media has long insisted that there is a Department of Justice (DOJ) policy that prevents it from indicting…

5 years ago

Democratic Senator Says That Trump Can Be Indicted For Crimes

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said that Donald Trump is indictable for his potential crimes, but that the criminal proceeding may…

5 years ago