Facebook Has Removed Trump’s Video Saying it Contributes to the Risk of More Violence

Social media has played an outsized role in the rise of Donald Trump. The president was an early adopter of…

2 years ago

WATCH: Trump Says Biden’s Campaign “Has Turned Into a Cult”

It is not uncommon to hear people refer to Donald Trump's support as being cult-like. Even the supporters themselves sometimes…

2 years ago

WATCH: Trump Says When Governors Tell Media They’re Unhappy With His COVID Response, They’re Lying for Politcal Reasons

Many of the country's governors have been unhappy with the White House's response and direction when is comes to the…

3 years ago

Video of killing released after Minnesota officer acquitted of manslaughter

Video footage of the fatal shooting of a black motorist by a Minnesota police officer released on Tuesday showed how…

6 years ago

Watch Hillary Clinton’s Strong Democratic Debate Opening on National Security Issues

Watch Secretary Hillary Clinton's strong opening to the Democratic debate in Iowa Saturday evening set the stage for her powerful…

7 years ago

Exclusive Video Of The Historic 10,000+ Crowd At Bernie Sanders Madison Rally

PoliticusUSA shot exclusive video of the crowd as Bernie Sanders announced that he had made history and attracted the biggest…

8 years ago

Joe Biden Powerfully Tries To Get Out The Vote In Order To Avoid a Repeat of 2010

Vice President Joe Biden is turning on the charm and doing everything possible to explain to the left why 2014…

9 years ago

I, for One, Welcome Our New Drone Overlords

The application of drone technology is evolving, as it moves from the realm of hobbyists and into the commercial world.

9 years ago

Full Text of Richard Blanco’s Inaugural Poem ‘One Today’

Today, the Inaugural Poet, Richard Blanco, read his poem 'One Today' at the ceremonial swearing-in ceremony of President Barack Obama…

10 years ago

The Obama Administration Supports the Troops In Deed as Well as Word

The Obama administration is one hundred percent behind our troops in deeds, compassion, and policy that match their words..

11 years ago

First Lady Michelle Obama Inspires at Ohio Rally

Michelle Obama inspired Ohioans who came to the Obama campaign rally today with a charming, wonderful speech about the American…

11 years ago

Game On: Obama Campaign Releases New Video ‘Forward’

The Obama campaign's new video tells the story of how Obama has been fighting for us, moving the country forward,…

11 years ago

South Carolina Looks for a Government Handout to Fund AZ Style Immigration Reform

Leave it to small government conservatives to look towards passing an immigration bill that they can't afford, which is exactly…

13 years ago