Trump Shames America As Human Rights Group Labels US a Global Threat

Due to the rise of Donald Trump et al, Human Rights Watch declared that the United States is now a…

6 years ago

The Long Campaign and Expose’ of America’s Shame Is Over

The blatant expression of hatred for all things not white, not Christian, and not conservative over the past year brought…

6 years ago

“Brexit” Result Reveals Republican Xenophobia Has Infected England

The conservatives driving Brexit's success depended on fear, anti-globalism, tribalism and anti-immigration exactly like Donald Trump's campaign.

7 years ago

Donald Trump Freaks Out Because Syrian Refugees Have Cell Phones

Donald Trump wants to know why Syrian refugees have cell phones, who they might be calling, and who is paying…

7 years ago

Not Just Trump: Republicans Embrace Hitler’s Nazi Tactics to Target Muslims

Trump is not alone. Increasingly, Republicans are calling for concentration camps to be built to house Syrian refugees for now

7 years ago

Extremist Conservatives Echo The Dangerous Movements of Decades Past

There is a gross misconception among the people and pundits alike that extremism in the Republican Party is limited to…

8 years ago

Conservatives Freak Out and Proclaim That a Non-White America is Bad Thing

The fact within many Americans’ lifetimes this country will be inhabited by a truly diverse population where whites are not…

11 years ago

Giving Limbaugh the Bum’s Rush

27 years of inflammatory speech have finally caught fire in a campaign that hopes to send Rush Limbaugh into retirement.

11 years ago

Oklahoma Judge Stands Up for the First Amendment

Oklahoma’s efforts to turn the state’s Muslim population into Untermensch (or "sub-humans") in some sort of quasi-National Socialist racial hierarchy,…

12 years ago