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Fox News Labels Park 51 Project A Center for Terrorism

If you can believe it, Fox News has moved on to even more inflammatory rhetoric on the Park 51 project. Tonight on The O’Reilly Factor, Dick Morris called the community center would be a, “center for terrorism” if it was built.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Morris said, “The point I want to make is that The Center for Security Policy run by Frank Gaffney did a study of 100 mosques in the United States 20 of them were religious institutions where Sharia law was not present. They talked about worshipping God and loving God, and those are great, I wouldn’t mind if you had one right on Ground Zero itself. The other 80 were Sharia institutions, which essentially is what this mosque is going to be. Essentially a law school to study Sharia law, and to spawn adherence and devotees. The reason the Muslim community, the radical Muslim community is so anxious for this thing to be built is because they want to counter the assimilationist tendencies of Muslims in the United States, and make them the same, a center for terrorism.”

Let us now connect the illogical dots of hate. Morris bases his entire argument on the falsehood that Park 51 is a mosque. As Keith Olbermann pointed out, it isn’t. It is a community center with prayer space. Morris’ next step is tothis “mosque” as radical based on a study put together by arch neo-con and anti-Islamist Frank Gaffney, who you may remember as the nut job who went on television to tell the world that he believes that Obama is speaking in secret code telling Muslims that he will submit to them.

There is no law school, Sharia or otherwise, associated with the Park 51 project, and claiming that it is a potential center for terrorism, is like calling your local YMCA a hot bed of terrorist activity. Morris’ claims are nothing but falsehoods built on the big lie that Park 51 is a mosque. The whole point here is to tap into the post-9/11 fears of Republicans in order to get them to the polls this November to support the GOP.

The “Ground Zero Mosque” is nothing more than the latest battlefield in the race/religion war that Fox News is working hard to inspire. After they got nailed on Shirley Sherrod, the network decided to lay off black people, and turn their attention to Hispanics and Muslims. If the Right wing is successful with their hate campaign, not only will the politics of hate and fear win, but it will also be a stunning defeat for our constitutional freedoms, and a community will be deprived of a much needed resource. In short, when Fox News and their hate speech wins, everyone else loses.

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