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What About the Headless Bodies, Governor Brewer?

Governor Brewer Realizes Why Palin Doesn't Do Interviews

What About the Headless Bodies, Governor?

Yes, it’s another day in Republican land where naturally, such questions as, “What about the headless bodies?” are bound to come up. After all, nothing says Republican like wild, unfounded accusations. Oh, but wait, what about the general incompetence? Oh, that was here too. We had the whole show last night during a televised debate between Gubernatorial opponents Incumbent Republican Jan Brewer and Democrat (current state attorney general since 2003) Terry Goddard of Arizona.

Yes, Governor Brewer of the Papers Please Law in Arizona, you know, where they’re really showin’ up the federal government by pretending to care about illegal immigration but not actually doing diddly about the rich guys who hire illegal immigrants. You recall, this is the woman Palin said had “more cojones” than the President (a pause while we ponder Palin’s obsession with words like “impotent” “limp” “cojones”).

Oh, and as an aside, Goddard claimed that the record shows that criminal activity was actually on the decline in the state, not the rise, which sort of pours water all over the screeching madness you’ve been hearing from the Sun State.

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According to the East Valley Tribute:

“On the broader issue of SB 1070, Goddard said Brewer herself has conceded that the law, designed to give police more tools to arrest illegal immigrants, does nothing to actually secure the international border.”

Just so you know. But she says it is a super dangerous state, no matter what the record shows. So, just go with that. Please.

The trouble started with Governor Brewer introducing herself. She had the politician grimace/smile working and all was well. But then she had to give a brief statement about all that she had accomplished in the last 600 days since she took office in January 2009 (after her predecessor, Democrat Janet Napolitano, quit to take a job in the Obama administration) and this seem to puzzle even her. I’m not sure if she was struggling with her integrity or simply suffering from some kind of odd fugue state like Sarah Palin does, but at any rate, she froze and only unfroze long enough to fall over her own words. It was uncomfortably on par with Palin v Couric.

I’m beginning to wonder if the Republican Party is suffering some exotic (but not Muslim) outbreak of crazy, which starts with an inability to speak articulately and then spreads to the heart. Or perhaps it starts in the heart. Chicken egg. Oh, best not to bring chickens up.

Speaking of cringe-inducing crazy, the East Valley Tribute reports:

“During a televised debate, Brewer repeated her contention that the unions that support Democrats like Goddard are creating problems by urging people to boycott Arizona.

But Goddard shot back that far more economic damage is done by comments Brewer has made, both in local and national media, about the violent crime caused by illegal immigration and specifically that headless bodies are being found in the desert.

“Those are false statements,” he said.

“They cause people to think that Arizona is a dangerous place,” he continued. “And they don’t come here and they don’t invest here because our governor said such negative things about our state.””

Her failure to answer this rather pressing question for a state suffering from reduced tourism and an unbalanced budget caused reporters to drill her after the debate, shouting out, “What about the headless bodies, Governor?”

Video courtesy of Raw Story.

It will come as no surprise to you that yet another Palin pal proves themselves to be incompetent, fearful of the press and a nut case, but it’s not every debate where the press presses over and over again, “What about the headless body, governor?”

Not to fear, Governor Brewer is emulating all things le Palin. Today, she announced:

“She has no intention of participating in any more events with Democrat Terry Goddard. In fact, she said the only reason she debated him on Wednesday is that was a condition of her taking more than $1.7 million in public funds for her campaign.”

Brewer doesn’t think further debates will help her, and noted that she was not pleased that the reporters were hounding her about headless bodies:

All you guys were doing and talking were beheadings, beheadings, beheadings,” the governor said.”

After noting that she gets defensive when questioned by the press (hello, you don’t have to do interviews with the Press, Jan – this is what your Facebook Page is for!), she then denied having ever said headless bodies in relationship to the state she is heading.

But, this, of course, turned out to be false.

“”I never said ‘Arizona,'” Brewer said, regarding beheadings in the desert. “And it’s unfortunate that it was construed as ‘Arizona.’ And I’m sorry if people thought that I said it was in Arizona.”

The record, however, shows otherwise.

“Our law enforcement agencies have found bodies in the desert, either buried or just lying out there, that have been beheaded,” Brewer said in a June appearance on Sunday Square Off on KPNX-TV 12 in Phoenix. And the governor said “there are people all over Arizona living in fear.””

Duck and dodge, Governor. Duck and dodge. It’s the Palin way. So, when you’re busted lying to the people, the best and most American thing to do is to refuse to do media anymore. By the way, Governor, I hear it helps to write on your hand. Just sayin’.

Now, what about those headless bodies, Governor?

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