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Rachel Maddow Meets Joe Miller and Doesn’t End Up Handcuffed

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was in Alaska tonight covering the state’s three way US Senate race and unlike his fellow Tea Partier Christine O’Donnell; Joe Miller actually talked to her. Even better for Maddow, Miller’s security not only didn’t handcuff her, she didn’t get arrested. That’s probably the best thing that can be said about the strange and uncomfortable interaction between Maddow and Miller.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

Rachel Maddow opened the segment by detailing her weeks long pursuit of an interview with Joe Miller, and for her dogged efforts she described her reward as, “Today I was finally allowed to ask Joe Miller a couple of questions as we moved from a roof, through a lobby, down an escalator, through another lobby, out a door, into an SUV, and then it was over. It was very strange.”

Things started off normal enough as Maddow tossed Miller a softball about the role of social issues in the campaign, but when she delved into the gay rights issues, and things got interesting. Maddow if Joe Miller believed that homosexuality can be cured. Miller replied, “Our perspective is that it really is a state issue as to how those issues want to be resolved it should be handled at the state level…” Maddow followed up by asking Miller if he believed that homosexuality is a choice. He answered, “I think that’s up to the individual. The individual has to make that decision.”

Maddow sought clarification and Miller continued, “You know I am not going to intrude on an individual’s decision as to what he or she does. The fact of the matter is, it’s a state issue. That’s our position in the campaign. That’s our answer to the question. I think we’re an increasingly diverse country. I want to be straight with you, and as a diverse country, I think it is important to recognize that there are different approaches to different values, and I think that it’s best for states to be able to make those decisions.”

Miller was doing fine until Maddow asked if there was a federal role in banning gay marriage, and then the trouble came with his answer, “Well, I think the Defense of Marriage Act, which I support.” Maddow caught his inconsistency and asked how there can be a federal role on a state issue. Miller said that there are federal issues intertwined, which contradicted his earlier statement that gay marriage is a state issue.

The wheels totally fell off for Joe Miller once Maddow asked if he would support a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and he replied, “That’s up to the people. If it got a three quarters vote ratified, I’d vote for it.” Let me get this straight, Joe Miller, a self described self described defender of the Constitution and will of the Founding Fathers has no problem with changing the Constitution to prevent gay people from marrying each other. I would like Joe Miller to tell us all what part of the Constitution addresses the issue of gay marriage?

Miller’s answers on Maddow’s questions about gay issues made it clear that he is a total fraud. He is no constitutionalist. He is just another far right social conservative who using the Constitution to hide his true beliefs. Joe Miller thinks homosexuality is a choice, and the federal government not only has a role in the gay marriage issue, but he supports the Defense of Marriage Act, and would vote for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Miller’s views are not in line, in any way, shape, or form with a strict interpretation of the Constitution.

One of the really interesting things to notice is that as Maddow asked the gay issues questions, Joe Miller started walking faster. He knew that he could not run away from her, but he was trying to get this over with as soon as possible, and by the time she got to the constitutional amendment question, Miller was on the verge of making a sprint for the SUV.

Rachel Maddow gets special credit for not only asking Joe Miller some questions, but also for managing not to get handcuffed by his security afterwards. If Joe Miller is the best choice in that race, then Alaska is in really big trouble.

I give Joe Miller credit for actually speaking to Rachel Maddow, and although he did fare better than Rand Paul, in the end he like Paul was exposed as a constitutional conservative phony. He made a rookie mistake when he tried to double talk Maddow on gay marriage, and it was funny to watch her brow furrow as she tried to reconcile his two differing answers to her questions. Joe Miller tried to fool Rachel Maddow, but she didn’t buy it, just as the people of Alaska shouldn’t buy the description of Joe Miller as a constitutional conservative.

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