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Here’s How Obama and the Democrats Will Win in 2012

Here’s how Democrats win or lose the upcoming presidential and congressional races.

Let’s start by going back to the assorted polls questioning people about Obamacare (meant respectfully). In one poll 35% of Democrats thought the bill included ‘death panels’. In other polls people clearly didn’t know anything about the particulars of the bill, predicating their answers on hatred of Obama and big government. In yet another poll, when the specifics of the bill were explained to the great unwashed and uninformed masses, they favored the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Information, facts, a good old-fashioned selling job and a media that tells the truth will be the Democratic requisites for victory in 2012. So far, it appears that there are endless examples of the Democratic tree falling in the forest and no one being around to hear it. Ergo, do the democrats make a sound?  The answer would appear to be no. Otherwise polls would overwhelmingly reflect support for Democratic initiatives when compared to Republicans slobbering all over their 1% masters. There simply can’t be that many racists in the GOP. Can there?

The simplest equation is a massive pile of money. That money will be used to access a media pretty much closed off to liberals. The right-wing owns any and all ‘free media’ available in the electronic media. Let’s start with radio. Who owns the largest radio station operation in the country? Mitt Romney’s old bosses at Bain Capital. Advantage Romney. Who owns syndication rights through Premier Syndication to the nation’s most-listened to talker, Rush Limbaugh? Mitt Romney’s old bosses at Bain Capital.  Advantage Romney. The second most listened to talker, Sean Hannity? Same answer. Advantage Romney. What media corporations run the most right-wing talk radio shows? Bain’s Clear Channel, Entercom Communications, Cumulus, Salem, Cox and CBS. Advantage Romney. Who owns virtually all talk radio stations in the largest markets in the U.S.? See above. Advantage Romney. And how many of those stations, feature liberal talkers? Far less than 10%. Advantage Romney. Remember, these people will do anything. Premiere was even accused of paying actors to call and bring up pre-arranged subjects.

Salem Broadcasting is an interesting outfit. Salem couldn’t be more right-wing. It has secular talk stations and also owns over 100 religious broadcasting stations. Management gets its marching orders from an extremely far-right organization, the Council for National Policy. It was founded by none other than Tim LaHaye, he of the famed “Left Behind” series of books.

It’s one aim is power for dominionists. Salem Board CEO, Stuart Epperson is on CNP’s board as is his brother-in-law and second in command at Salem, Edward Atsinger the Third. Amway co-founder Richard DeVos is a former president of CNP. Romney was once a featured speaker. It should be pointed out that  noted Mormon theologian, Cleon Skousen was once an active member. These connections are important for those who question Romney’s far-right ties. They’re there and they’re numerous.

In spite of what you may have been led to believe, the ‘elite’ media is squarely in the corner of the ‘elite’ candidate, Mitt Romney. The Fox prime time lineup attracts more viewers than MSNBC and CNN combined. Al Gore’s Current TV has lots of catching up to do. The late, lamented Keith Olbermann nightly effort barely exceeded 177,000 viewers. Nope, in terms of give and take propaganda TV, Fox owns the market. As far as the so-called ‘bias’ of the major networks…didn’t I see Sarah Palin co-hosting the ‘Today Show’ the other day? And isn’t it a fact that all three of the original network stations are owned by multi-jillion dollar companies? Yep, it’s a fact. The same conservative bias exists for newspapers, a substantial majority described by all legitimate studies and polls as leaning to the right.

What’s a mother to do?  When in Rome…! The only answer is money. Not the Howard Dean Internet nickels and dimes. I’m talking about the super PAC giant bundled bucks of ‘Restore Our Future’ for Romney and ‘Priorities USA Action’ for Obama. Romney will spend the largest percentage of his PAC’s bucks on negative advertising. Don’t be surprised to see not so subtle and repeated appeals to racism and the birther question.

Obama’s biggest weakness is explaining to the American people exactly what’s in his health care plan and its extraordinary benefits. He must tear apart the destructive Ryan budget line by line and word for word and show how truly horrific that monstrous legislation is for U.S. citizens. He’s got to sell the proposition that allowing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy to expire is the best thing that could happen for the economy. He’s got to SELL alternative energy  and explain in the most explicit of terms possible why global warming and the environment are life-changing issues  that can’t be allowed to die under a republican administration because if these issues die, so will a hell of a lot of people.

In order to carry this off, Obama will have to purchase hundreds of millions of dollars worth of radio and TV air time. He’ll not only have to buy 30 and 60 second spots, he’ll have to buy half-hour blocks of time. He’ll have to spring for full-page newspaper ads and massive mailers as well. It’s called spreading the word. Every time you look up, you’ll see Obama and his spokespeople. I’d use the hell out of Michelle. People like and trust her. And the most important tip of all, when Romney springs a ad accusing Obama of flashing a nun – the response must be out there in nano-seconds;  not immediately responding is how swift-boating killed the Kerry campaign. No response until it was waaaay too late.



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