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George W Bush Doesn’t Miss Us Any More Than We Miss Him

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 01:52 am

George W. Bush took Romney’s big day to announce, “I don’t miss the presidency.” The former President also seemed distressed over the naming of the Bush tax cuts. He thinks they’re likely to get raised if they’re named after him.

Watch Bush addressing a conference on private sector growth (what?) here:

Bush seems as confused as he was when he was in office, as he worried that repealing the Bush tax cuts for the rich would take money out of the pockets of “consumers”. You always knew he saw us as little cash machines for his friends.

Also, he gave the old job creators meme some love, “If you raise taxes on the so-called rich,” Bush said, “you’re really raising taxes on the job creators.”

Yes, we tried that, sir. It didn’t end well…. Please hush.

The former President managed to poke fun at himself, saying we must all be shocked that he can read, “It’s got to be a staggering thing for some of the cynics up here.” Bush said. “I publish a book and now the Bush Institute is publishing a book. They didn’t think I could read, much less write a book.”

C’mon Brownie! What does he take us for, “consumers”? We know he had a little help with a ghost-reader.

If you miss being treated like a breathing cash machine for corporations, have no fear. Bush’s less warm and less compassionate counterpart is running for President and he wants to double down on deregulation and letting private industry rape the country and her citizens for short term profit. Oh, those were the days.

If you miss Bush and the steepest recession in a very long time, you can vote for Mitt Romney. He might not wear the cowboy hat with the same reckless finesse, but Romney can gaffe with the best of them. He loves NASCAR; his friends own a team.

Love ya’, consumers!

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