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Pathetic Sarah Palin is Reduced to Tossing Playground Insults at Nancy Pelosi

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 08:40 pm

Can’t you just feel the joy it must give Ms Palin to reach into the bag where she keeps all of the bitter hurts she’s been nursing for years and pulls one out, willy nilly, to attach to the nearest Democrat?

After Sarah Palin called Nancy Pelosi a “dingbat” on Fox last night, the Internets were ablaze with indignation and gloating — her fans love it when she crazily swings her bitter axe. But what most missed is that Sarah Palin’s biggest weakness isn’t her lack of mental acuity; it’s the Nixonian way she nurses a grudge until it’s a big old festering wound of resentment that causes her to say something completely silly like… calling Pelosi a dingbat. This is the same impulse that led her to her own destruction with Blood Libel.

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Last night, Sarah Palin called Nancy Pelosi a “dingbat” on Sean Hannity’s nightly KoolAid imbuement. Right? I mean, yes! Nancy Pelosi is just so dingy! It’s like she quit her job after just a few years, or as if she couldn’t get through college without multiple efforts. Wow, great shot, Ms Palin.

Listen to Saint Sarah of the I-can-shoot-you-but-you-better-not-shoot-back-or-I’ll-cry-sexism here via Media Matters:

Hannity: Politically speaking, how should Congress deal with this and how should the Romney Campaign deal with this, if you were to give advice??

Palin: Well first off, Nancy Pelosi is a dingbat and she is the perfect spokesperson for this whole agenda of the far left, I mean the Democrat Party, I know a lotta Democrats who are absolutely embarrassed and disgusted with her and what Harry Reid’s leadership has provided the Democrat Party, and uh, they wanna bail out of the Democrat Party, because of, ah, specifically, th- the things that she says, the things that she does, what it is that she represents, but she’s a perfect spokesperson for, um, President Obama’s Democrat Party.

There wasn’t one specific thing in that can of crazy except for ‘dingbat’ and that’s your clue that Sarah Palin had her dense arrow of projection at the ready. After all, she wasn’t even asked about Pelosi.

Ms Palin finally got to call a Democratic woman a “dingbat”! Because, you know, it hurt so much when it was said about her. When it was said about her after she couldn’t tell us what she read to be informed and announced that she couldn’t wait to be in charge of policy as Vice President, it was just so mean. It burned.

Then, the evil liberals kept her out of her rightful place in the White House, so Ms Palin spent the next several years ginning up violence against any Democrat. She put crosshairs over Gabby Giffords’ office and then when Gabby was shot, Ms Palin felt super duper sorry for herself when people said that maybe she could have shown better judgment.

It’s hard to be a martyr all of the time, but if ever Sarah Palin excelled at anything, it’s Martyrdom!

In case you’re thinking this is a new low for Ms Palin, who claims the mantle of feminist while calling another woman a “dingbat”, remember that she once called Hillary Clinton a “whiner”.

You know how conservatives are always nattering on about how mean evil liberal elites are to call Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Jan Brewer idiots? Yes, well, it turns out that “conservative feminists” (aka; mamma grizzlies) like Sarah Palin have their own fault-proof vocabulary, where they get to insult any and all but are immune to return fire ‘cuz of Jesus.

As you can see from the Palin defender(s) on Media Matters, they are outraged that “Dems” have nothing better to say about Palin than pointing out her sheer stupidity. See, the rules are that Ms Palin gets to call Nancy Pelosi a dingbat, put crosshairs on Gabby Giffords’ district, and call Hillary Clinton a “whiner” but no one is allowed to say anything about Sarah Palin or else she is being crucified.

If you followed that, you totally get the modern day conservative plan. They do and say outrageous things that actually cause harm to others sometimes, but they do this like an ornery child who can only feel good when they’re getting attention for being bad. Because the goodies come when someone finally calls Palin on her bad behavior.

Now she gets to play the victim, and there’s nothing Ms Palin likes more than to play the victim. She keeps a spilling bag of resentments at her feet at all times and lives for moments like this, when she can throw one of her resentments at another person with the hope of wounding them as she has been wounded.

Bonus — Even as she hurls her invective, she already believes herself to be the martyr.

So, yes, Nancy Pelosi is a dingbat and Obama is evil.

And while it wouldn’t surprise me if Palin did know a lot of Democrats who can’t stand Nancy Pelosi and/or Harry Reid, it would surprise me very much if they were talking to her. One of the reasons Ms Palin quit her job was that she was unable to accomplish anything when she returned from her national tour as the “hottest governor”. Why? Well, see, the dirty little secret is that the Alaskan Republicans were never much for Palin’s sometimes socialist agenda (literally). Her allies as governor were Democrats… Until she ran as a conservative attack dog as John McCain’s VP.

So, no, I don’t imagine the Democratic Party in Alaska has much to say to Ms. Palin these days.

At any rate, only someone like Ms Palin, about whom “dingbat” has been said often, would think that being called a dingbat would hurt. Unlike Ms Palin, Nancy Pelosi is not secretly afraid that she is, indeed, a dingbat.

Ms Palin sounds like a child telling us what hurt her the most. Ms. Palin is still trying to revenge her bitter hurts and assuage her feelings of inadequacy. She was rejected first by the national 2008 voters and then rejected by her own constituents at home as her approval ratings plummeted upon her return.

Sarah Palin did Nancy Pelosi no damage by calling her a dingbat, because nicknames like that only stick when they ring a bell with the public. Pelosi may be a lot of things, but dumb she isn’t. It wasn’t Pelosi who was nationally shamed by getting Paul Revere’s story wrong.

Ms Palin’s scattershot attempt to wound Nancy Pelosi is a complete failure, and it tells us much more about Ms. Palin than it does Pelosi. Ms Palin’s shot will miss every time because she mistakenly assumes from her dense inability to imagine a world outside of her own head that everyone shares her night tremors about being called a dingbat.

Ms Palin saw the ACA being upheld as her chance to finally stick the dingbat knife into a woman who has done what Palin couldn’t; Nancy Pelosi is a successful politician who really understands policy and led her House into historically passing the Affordable Care Act.


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