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Rachel Maddow Adds up the Facts and Concludes Mitt Romney is a Blatant Liar

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 02:39 am

Rachel Maddow examined Mitt Romney’s positions and claims about contraception, and came to the conclusion that Romney and his campaign are blatantly lying in order to get elected.

Here is the video clip:

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Maddow talked about Romney’s support of Blunt Amendment, while he is also claiming that he is not opposed to contraception,

I have had two competing instincts about this issue for a long time during this campaign. I have been conflicted about whether the Romney campaign, and the candidate himself, does not understand his own position or whether they are purposely misrepresenting his position. I’ve been conflicted about this up until today. Even with the Romney campaign admitting that they were trying to make him appear less conservative than he is on these issues. Even with them admitting that, I had not been sure, right. I couldn’t shake the feeling. I still suspected that he really just doesn’t focus on this issue enough to understand what his position is, so he keeps misstating it. That it is just a big mistake that he keeps making over and over again . I think he is a good actor, because I have been feeling like, aw, he’s just flubbing it. It’s nothing deliberate. I kept thinking that it could not be deliberate. Until today. Until this.

(Video of Romney surrogate Kay Bailey Hutchison completely lying about what the Blunt Amendment did.)

Absolutely, blatantly, fundamentally untrue. From a US senator acting as a surrogate for Mitt Romney. What she just described there is not what the Blunt Amendment is. Mitt Romney really does support a policy that is not just about religious employers. It’s not just about Catholic hospitals. It’s about any employer anywhere in the country being able to block their employees from getting birth control through their health insurance. Sounds awful, right? That’s why it keeps coming up.

Picture your boss. Does your boss want you to have the pill? Do you not know? Do you want to find out? Because that is one of the choices that you have in this election. Between your boss deciding whether you get the pill on your health insurance, or that not being your boss’s business. That really is the choice. Because Mitt Romney really does support the Blunt Amendment, and the Blunt Amendment really does give your boss the choice about whether or not your contraception is covered by your health insurance.

And the Romney campaign, and the campaign surrogates, including US senators, and the candidate himself, Mitt Romney are just flat our repeatedly over and over again lying about this bluntly. Hoping that people do not understand the truth, and that people vote for Mitt Romney because they believe that is not true about what he stands for and what he would do as president.

It is great that Rachel Maddow called out Romney’s Blunt Amendment lies in such detail, but her disbelief that the Romney campaign would lie to this degree seems typical of much of the media reaction to Republican strategy of comprehensive lying.

We are now 17 days away from the election, and the mainstream press is finally starting to catch on that lying is the strategy for the Romney campaign.

Rachel Maddow doesn’t call people liars on her program. She doesn’t do bombastic opinion presentation of an Ed Schultz, so for Maddow to call someone a liar is a big deal.

Maddow was spot on in her assessment of the Romney strategy. Anyone who is acting as a surrogate for Mitt Romney will lie to advance the cause of getting him elected. A sitting United States senator lied about what the Blunt Amendment does, but she is not the only Fibber for Mitt. We have seen Republicans of all stripes, shapes, sizes, and positions completely abandon the truth in order to support Romney.

The worst part of it all is that Republicans and the candidate himself are lying to voters in order to get them to support someone who simply holds beliefs, and is going to do things if elected, that are the exact opposite of what he is promising during the campaign.

Rachel Maddow had to wrestle with her instincts before she finally believed that Mitt Romney is shamelessly lying.

Here’s hoping the rest of the media stops giving Romney the benefit of the doubt, and realizes that Mitt Romney is trying to lie his way to victory.

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