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Rachel Maddow On Romney’s Lies, ‘It’s a Character Issue, and I find it Disqualifying’

Rachel Maddow believes Mitt Romney isn’t fit to be president. While talking about his lies and shifting policies she said, ‘It’s a character issue, and I find it disqualifying.’

Here is the video:

Maddow said was talking about Romney’s complete reversal of his policy on the war when she said,

That political calculation makes so much sense to me, if there were not 68,000 American lives on the line. And that’s what infuriates me, because this is a real war. This is not changing your mind on light rail. This is changing your mind and denying your previous positions that are on the record about the fate, the lives and deaths, of 68,000 Americans, and asserting that not only is it okay for you to change your mind, I believe in people changing their mind, but that you can get away with running from the things that you have previously claimed were your heartfelt beliefs, and now denying that you ever believed they were true. It’s a character issue, and I find it disqualifying.

I am certain that anyone on the right or left who cares about facts and honesty probably agrees with Maddow, but facts and honesty aren’t the media world that we are living in. The issue isn’t that Mitt Romney lies with impunity. The problem is that few people in the mainstream media are actually challenging the lies.

However, President Obama would likely be better served not to spend the final two weeks on the campaign trail chasing those ghosts. If Obama spends his last days on the stump fact checking Romney, he will lose control of the story that he is trying to tell to voters about the choice between the two paths the country can travel down for the next four years.

In another era Mitt Romney would not have survived the primary process, much less became a major party nominee. It speaks volumes about the health and condition of the Republican Party that a candidate who would have been weeded out during the primary process became the nominee. But it really doesn’t matter who the Republicans would have nominated, the party would have rallied around him because they hate Obama that much.

Mitt Romney’s lying and political shape shifting should disqualify him from office, but it won’t. The Romney campaign knows that most voters are too uninformed to know that he is lying, and the media is too worried about being “neutral” to care. Mitt Romney’s lack of character was on full display during the debate as he gleefully toyed with the fates of 68,000 Americans who are serving their country, which is something that Romney himself never had the character and courage to do.

Romney’s shape shifting should be a disqualifying issue, but it has become a strength. If Romney can find enough low information voters to exploit, he could be elected president.

The prospect of a Romney presidency isn’t just infuriating; it is illness inducing.

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