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Ready for Hillary SuperPAC Kicks Karl Rove’s and Mitt Romney’s Social Media Butts

Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC already surpasses the Republican 2012 Presidential nominee’s PAC’s Facebook fans, and she hasn’t even announced if she’s running for President in 2016. The Ready for Hillary SuperPAC has more twitter followers than Karl Rove’s Crossroads PAC and more Facebook fans than Mitt Romney’s Super PAC had on election day.

Clinton hasn’t mentioned any 2016 plans, but a SuperPAC “Ready for Hillary“, filed papers two months ago and reports gaining an average of 1,000 supporters a day. They write, “Even before the impending official launch of the PAC, more than 100,000 grassroots supporters are now part of our network.”

The “Ready for Hillary” SuperPAC also gave Karl Rove a little kick in the pants, “Reached 50,000 @readyforhillary Twitter followers – already five times more than Karl Rove’s American Crossroads.” Actually, Ready for Hillary is at 54, 768 as of this writing. @AmericanXRoads, which links to American Crossroads.Org, has 9,544 followers and @CrossroadsGPS has 4,966 followers.

Oh and they have a little for Romney, too, writing on March 27, “Reached 50,000 Facebook fans – now having 25 times more than the pro-Romney SuperPAC had on Election Day in 2012.” Their page has 62,448 fans as of this writing.

Renowned Democratic strategist James Carville even sent an email out to the supporters of the SuperPAC Thursday. He says he is not officially affliiated with her PAC, but he does support her if she chooses to run in 2016.

I can’t imagine what Republicans were thinking when they tried to take down Hillary Clinton with their Benghazi conspiracy theories. That was hardly her first time around the block with them, and she left them looking like fools. Now that she’s left the non-political job of Secretary of State, she’s coming out swinging as a powerful political force.

With her memoir predicted to be a best seller next year, Ms. Clinton consistently and easily leads in polls against possible 2016 Republican challengers.

Ms. Clinton’s book, announced Thursday, will hit bookstores just in time for the 2014 midterms. Guess what she’s going to discuss? Oh, just a few tidbits about “killing of Osama Bin Laden; the overthrow of the Qaddafi regime in Libya; the transitions in Iraq and Afghanistan; [and] the Arab Spring…”

She leads in the polls, is one of our most popular politicians, and her grassroots network and social media penetration already surpasses that of certain Republican operatives and candidates. How do you like her now, Republicans?

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