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Republicans Have Put America in Distress Because They Refuse to Do Their Jobs

A national crisis is an event that leads to an unstable and dangerous situation affecting the well-being, government, and people of a nation and ultimately causes negative changes in the nation’s security, economic, and political affairs with little or no warning. The current crisis facing America came about with plenteous warning, and yet there was, and is nothing anyone in government can do to avert the negative changes brought about by anti-American conservatives. America’s crisis began in January 2011 when Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, and they have guided the nation from one fiscal crisis to the next as an integral aspect of their charade of governance that has brought America to the brink of fiscal crisis courtesy of Republicans.

Yesterday, Republicans succeeded in repeating their 2011 achievement of costing America its first credit downgrade in history when credit rating giant Fitch announced they lowered the United States’ AAA credit rating outlook to “negative” and warned it may strip the country of its pristine rating. The news sent the U.S. stock market futures into a nose dive, and Fitch explained that “U.S. authorities have not raised the federal debt ceiling in a timely manner before the Treasury exhausts extraordinary measures. Fitch continues to believe that the political brinkmanship and reduced financing flexibility could increase the risk of a U.S. default.” Fitch’s explanation for their action mirrored S&Ps reason for downgrading America’s credit in 2011, even using S&P’s words that “political brinkmanship” increased the risk of default that Republicans appear ready to cause because their ransom demands are not being met.

America is beyond being in crisis and is in distress as a result of a sustained assault by conservative fascists whose intent is disrupting the government’s ability to function by shutting it down and driving the nation toward a credit default. Republicans were warned by the President, Democrats, Treasury Secretary Lew, world leaders, Wall Street, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that refusing to do their Constitutionally-mandated jobs would lead to economic uncertainty that threatened America, and the world’s, financial systems that only spurred Republicans on to take America into a financial crisis and another credit downgrade.

Every one of America’s fiscal crises over the past three-and-a-half years is because Republicans refuse to do their jobs of conducting the nation’s business. Whether it was blocking unemployment benefit extensions, 2012’s fiscal cliff, funding the government, or raising the debt limit, Republicans have found one reason or another to keep the country in financial crisis mode. It is indisputable that Republicans went to Congress to sabotage President Obama’s Administration, thwart economic recovery, hurt the people, and now it appears they embraced teabaggers’ goal of damaging the federal government permanently with a credit default.

Members of Congress, particularly the House of Representatives, have a very simple list of duties that includes funding the government, making laws, and paying the nation’s debt according to the Constitution Republicans swore an oath to uphold. However, there is nothing in the Constitution that mandates Congress to close the government or refuse to pay the debts they incurred because they cannot accept the results of two elections.


The current Republican crisis has been in the planning stages for over two years when they held the 2011 debt ceiling hostage to preserve tax cuts for the rich and austerity-level spending cuts over the next nine years due to the sequester. Americans will recall that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell promised, no guaranteed, that Republicans would hold the debt limit hostage again to extract a ransom from the President and Democrats. It is a stark lesson for President Obama on why he should not have negotiated with terrorists and paid their ransom demands just so they would do their Constitutional duty and pay the nation’s debts.

Republicans knew there was a deadline looming to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling for months, but their conservative masters plotted all along to shut down the government unless Democrats acquiesced and defunded a three year old law. In fact, during the 5-week August recess Republicans spent their time promising their constituents they were going back to Congress to “fight Washington for all Americans” that included closing the government and holding the debt limit hostage. The plan to shut down the government was funded by the Koch brothers as the last-ditch effort to derail the Affordable Care Act, and republicans guaranteed it would stay shut down until one man, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, gave his permission to hold a vote on re-opening the government.

Many pundits are quick to lay blame for the current crisis at the feet of teabaggers in Congress, and most claim they are far-removed from reality in lusting for a debt default and permanent shut down, but that is not the case. Republicans have been integral to keeping government closed and demolishing America’s credit, all the while blaming the extremist teabaggers. Particularly, John Boehner is as responsible for the current crisis as Rafael Cruz’s teabaggers because there are enough Democratic and sane Republican votes to open the government and raise the debt limit unconditionally. However, like Mitch McConnell, Boehner is intent on extracting a ransom in exchange for doing the job Republicans were sent to Washington for, and it is not because he is mortified of opposing teabaggers who came to Congress to help Republicans lay waste to the federal government.

Republicans in the House and Senate are as near to committing treason as any traitor, because they know exactly what their anti-government machinations will do to this nation’s economy and the people’s well-being. Whether or not they had been warned by economic experts, Treasury officials, or world financial leaders, Republicans were well aware of the damage their last debt limit crisis caused the nation and they are even more resolute today than in 2011.  The tragedy for the American people is that there is little, if anything, any politician can do to stop the very real threat of an economy-destroying debt default and even less of a chance Republicans will forgo their racial hatred of President Obama long enough to do their job and fund the government and pay their bills.

Americans should be terrified that despite record disapproval ratings, Wall Street and big business pressure, or the certain devastation of a credit default, Republicans are unfazed at the damage their governance by crisis is wreaking on the people and soon the entire world’s economy. This nation is in distress and it is due to the only crisis affecting America; fascist conservatives. Whether it is ideologically retarded teabaggers, anti-government Republicans, or seditious Koch brother libertarians, America’s woes are all down to Republicans and their cohorts who will see this nation’s demise if it means preventing the African American President from doing his Constitutionally-mandated job of leading the country.

Republicans and their co-conspirators are on the verge of achieving what no foreign enemy could ever hope for; decimate America’s government and economy. Now that they have the government shut down and in crisis, Republicans are a day away from destroying the full faith and credit of the United States the Constitution says “shall not be questioned.” Maybe then the Department of Justice will indict, arrest, and imprison every person connected with the seditious conspiracy to destroy the Government of the United States because Republicans failed to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of a law they do not like. The only good that will come out of this Republican crisis is that President Obama is breaking his own precedent of negotiating with GOP terrorists, and although it is little consolation to a nation in distress, it appears that the only thing conservative terrorists will get is a closed government and a threat of credit default that has been their goal for over two-and-a-half years.

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