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House Republicans Admit Defeat By Scheduling No Hearings or Votes to Repeal Obamacare

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Republicans have quietly tried to change the subject away from healthcare, and the ACA. The shift is so dramatic that no Republican committee in the House has an Obamacare hearing planned, and there are no repeal votes scheduled.

According to The Hill:

House Republicans have no scheduled votes or hearings on ObamaCare, signaling a shift in the party’s strategy as the White House rides a wave of good news on the law.

Not a single House committee has announced plans to attack the healthcare law in the coming weeks, and only one panel of jurisdiction commented to The Hill despite repeated inquiries.

GOP campaign committees also declined to say whether they will launch any new efforts on the law.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee responded with a statement that claimed that there is no evidence that they are talking about Obamacare less. The statement was a nice dodge, but it isn’t even close to the subject being discussed. House Republicans might be talking about Obamacare until they are blue in the face, but they have ceased efforts to repeal the law.

In this case, actions really do speak louder than words. The Republican majority’s actions are an unspoken admission of defeat. The day after the ACA sign up numbers came out, House Republicans began their new push on Benghazi. This is not a coincidence, and only the Republican base is gullible enough to believe that the strategic shift was not deliberate and intentional.

House Republicans aren’t fooling anyone. They literally stopped talking about Obamacare on the same day that the final numbers were released. They finally realized that campaigning on taking away healthcare from tens of millions of Americans was not a good idea.

Republicans needed a new issue fast, so they went back to the Benghazi well once again. The American people and the media still aren’t buying Benghazi as a legitimate news story. House Republicans still have no healthcare legislation of their own. Democrats, even in red states, are starting to pummel Republicans with the ACA.

The louder that House Republicans scream about Benghazi, the more obvious their defeat on Obamacare becomes. A party with no issues, no ideas, and no consensus has nothing to run on. Obamacare will still be a dog whistle term that will be used to get out the Republican vote, but to really understand what the Republican Party is up, always ignore their words and watch their deeds.

The actions of House Republicans tell us that they lost, and the Obamacare fight is over.

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