Mike Huckabee Flip-Flops And Claims That He Never Said That He Wanted Obama Impeached

Mike Huckabee is trying to cover up his support for impeaching President Obama, but his extremist agenda has already been revealed for the world to see.

During an interview with reporters in Iowa, Huckabee said, “Let me be very clear. I never said he should be impeached. In fact, I was explicitly clear. As often is the case, only half of what I said got quoted. I was asked the specific question: Had he committed impeachable offenses. And I said yes. But he’s not going to be impeached, and he shouldn’t be. … Impeachment ought to be something that would be used in the rarest and most unusual of circumstances.”

Huckabee then blamed Democrats for trying to pounce on him. Huckabee never directly said that he wanted the president impeached. However, he made it very clear that he thinks impeachment would be justified.

During an interview with Iowa radio host Steve Deace, Huckabee said, “Absolutely. There’s no doubt that the president has done plenty of things worthy of impeachment. Now the fact is we don’t have the Senate, so if you impeached him in the House and it went to trial in the Senate, it would never even get to the Senate floor….From a governmental standpoint, you’re not going to see it accomplished with this Senate. But I think it’s an important argument to make that there are a number of things this president has done in the overuse of the executive power, his complete ignoring of the law, even his own law.”

The last part about Obama not being impeached was something that he added later. He never said that during the interview with Deace. In fact, Huckabee stated that President Obama has committed numerous impeachable offenses. The truth is that Mike Huckabee is trying to have it both ways. He wants to speak the impeachment code to Republican voters, but he doesn’t want the rest of the electorate to be aware of his extreme agenda.

Huckabee has always tried to cover up his extremist agenda with a lot of aw shucks charm, so it isn’t out of character for him to be trying to downplay his true agenda. However, when even a hardcore right-wing ideology like Mike Huckabee is terrified of the I-word it is a sign that the impeachment talk is not just a threat to the Republican Party. It’s already causing damage.

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