Marco Rubio Faceplants Into 2016 By Not Seeming To Know That The 21st Century Already Started

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) told ABC News that he is thinks he can be the candidate to lead America into the 21st Century. The problem is that the 21st Century began 15 years ago.


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During an interview with ABC News, Rubio said, “I think this country’s at a generational moment where it needs to decide not what party it wants in charge but what kind of country are we going to want to be moving forward. I think the 21st century can be the American century, and I believe that I can lead this country in that direction. I can help lead it there from the Senate. I can lead it there as president.”

Rubio was trying to sell himself as the young visionary, who in contrast to Jeb Bush, will lead the Republican Party and the country forward. There are three problems with Rubio’s argument. First, the 21 Century began 15 years ago. Second, Rubio wouldn’t even be the first Republican president of the 21st Century, and third, the country already has the fourth youngest person ever to be elected president currently occupying the White House.

The mainstream political press has always been more smitten with Rubio than voters, which is why they are tying themselves in knots trying to build Rubio into a legitimate presidential contender. The problem is that all too often voters when Rubio opens his mouth illogical nonsense comes out. Rubio’s generational change agenda involves supporting tax cuts for the wealthy, keeping the Cold War going against Cuba and rejecting all science on climate change.

Sen. Rubio has also humiliated himself by demanding that a non-existent IRS commissioner resign. Rubio is so ambitious that is prone to doing and saying incredibly stupid things in an attempt to pander.

We get it. Rubio is young. Bush is old. However, when it comes to issues, both Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio represent more of the same from the Republican Party.

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