Huckabee Thinks One Beheading Is Worse Than 17 Texans Killed In Record Floods

The idea of quantifying the importance and severity of a human beings’ death is, obviously, not an easy exercise. However, for a devout Christian fundamentalist, and climate change denier, it is not only easy, it is a simple black and white conclusion based on who is responsible for the killing. For Mike Huckabee, Americans dying in Texas and Oklahoma are insignificant because they were not victims of Islamic extremists.

Back in February, President Obama correctly said that the media “absolutely” overstates the risk of terrorism around the world and in America while many more lives are lost from the effects of climate change and epidemics caused by global warming. Of course, that enraged conservative preacher, Duggar family advocate, and perennial presidential candidate Republican Mike Huckabee. Huckabee raged and attempted to contradict the President telling Fox News that, “I assure you that one beheading is much worse than a sunburn.”

Anti-Muslim preacher Huckabee is right, of course; a sunburn pales in comparison to one person having their head separated from their body. But the President was not talking about “a sunburn.” For at least 1,800 (and counting) human beings in India who perished from climate changed-caused extreme heat and lack of water from drought, the effects of climate change are, like President Obama said, a much greater risk than terrorism. Especially terrorism in Iraq and Syria caused by the Bush administration’s folly in creating ISIL (ISIS, IS).

There are overwhelming mounds of empirical data proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the risk to human lives from anthropogenic climate change far exceeds the risk posed from religious extremists in and around Iraq and Syria. There is, however, a great risk from Christian religious extremists in America that deny climate change even exists because god, witchcraft, and sodomy. Their denial supports Republicans in Congress fighting to perpetuate the causes of global climate change that is killing off hundreds of thousands of people every year; many more casualties than those caused by terrorist beheadings.


This climate denial among evangelical Republicans is in spite of overwhelming real-time evidence that the severe weather extremes like the drought and downpours in Texas and Oklahoma are undoubtedly the result of climate change and have claimed many more lives than terrorist beheadings. In fact, the extreme heat killing thousands in India is a result of the same conditions that killed Americans in Texas and Oklahoma.

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), researchers assert that “the huge increase in the heat wave days are caused by the increase in the events associated with three El Niño years (2002, 2004 and 2009).” They say that the deaths in the country following El Niño years in 2003, 2005 and 2010 corroborate this trend. A 2014 study by Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization found that climate change will double the frequency of what they label “super El Niño events. The study found that  increased “greenhouse warming of the eastern equatorial Pacific warms faster than the surrounding regions and makes it easier to have maximum sea surface temperatures (SST) in the eastern equatorial Pacific, and hence more occurrences of extreme El Nino events.”

More extreme El Niño events mean more severe heat waves and, as Texans and Oklahomans have experienced, more extreme tornados and epic flooding events that have killed American citizens. Still, climate deniers like preacher Mike Huckabee believe “one beheading” is worse than a sunburn;” a “sunburn” that has resulted in over 1,800 heat-related deaths in India and 23 Americans in floods in Texas and Oklahoma.

Those extreme El Niño events are directly responsible for the recent severe extreme tornados and epic flooding in Texas and Oklahoma, for example, that killed 17 human beings in Texas, 6 in Oklahoma, and 14 in northern Mexico; nine Americans are still missing and it is a sure bet that their loved ones think not being accounted for is worse that one beheading.

Although weather forecasters employed by conservative media are loath to cite the connection between extreme weather events to climate change for fear of losing their jobs, real climate scientists with real empirical data have linked the devastation in Texas and Oklahoma directly to anthropogenic (man-made) climate change due to global atmospheric warming. According to comprehensive research by real scientists at Florida State University, “the atmospheric heat and moisture as a result of global warming caused the recent unprecedented increase in frequency and severity of rainfall” that killed Americans in Texas and Oklahoma.

The real scientific report revealed a simple fact every seventh-grader learns in America’s public school science classes; “a warming atmosphere that becomes saturated with water vapor is capable of causing ‘previously unimagined

downpours.'” It is not, as Christians are wont to claim, god’s biblical wrath for witchcraft and sodomy. An occult or sexual practice has no impact on Earth’s atmosphere, but that fact requires a semblance of intelligence the people clinging to 4,000 year old mythos will never accept because it requires fundamental cognition they have not developed due to fear of terrorists and holding the Christian bible as their only source of information. Besides, one good beheading is a frightening visual they can relate to whereas Americans swept away and drowned in floods fails the ’emotional impact’ test conservatives depend on for effect and electoral support.

There are other mass deaths caused by climate change besides the recent severe weather events that drowned Americans and burned Indian people to death from the inside. A recent World Health Organization (WHO) report gave one example of unprecedented extreme high temperatures that directly caused deaths from cardiovascular and respiratory disease during the 2003 European heat wave that claimed the lives of 70,000 people. Obviously those 70,000 climate change-related deaths were more than just a little sunburn, but according to Christian Huckabee, they were not “worse than one beheading” because terrorism.

According to an Emory University physician and epidemiologist, Jeremy Hess, who studies the relationship between climate change and health said the WHO findings are “a significant step forward in the global estimation of projected disease burden associated with climate change.” However, he also was careful to note that WHO’s morbidity estimates “are certainly an underestimation” because a lack of data prevents getting a full picture of the relationship between climate and health.

In 2012, 20 governments commissioned DARA International to study the human and economic costs of climate change and their report arrived at significantly higher mortality estimates from global climate change than the World Health Organization. DARA linked 400,000 annual deaths to climate change, and projected that deaths will increase to over 600,000 annually within 10 years. That projected number of deaths rises  considerably when they factored in the environmental health effects, like polluted air and water, of burning fossil fuels and were completely separate from climate change-related weather effects.

WHO also reports that climate change will kill an additional 250,000 human beings from heat stress (38,000), malnutrition (95,000), malaria (60,000), and diarrhea (48,000) on top of the 1.2 million humans worldwide already killed from climate change. The additional quarter-of-a-million human deaths are directly attributable to climate change’s “effects on the social and environmental determinants of health like the lack of clean air, safe drinking water, sufficient food, and secure shelter.” It is noteworthy that those issues are precisely what the Pentagon labels as “threat multipliers” creating national security issues for America’s military.


All of those environmental determinants of good health that President Obama and Democrats are attempting to preserve, like clean air and water, sufficient food, and secure shelter are anathema to “conservative ideology.” And, according to Koch-Republicans are a prime example of wasted money and government overreach they are crusading to eliminate with ardent support of their angry neo-Christian base. The base, by the way, that considers one good beheading “much worse” than 250,000 human beings perishing from the effects of global climate change; it reveals the gross hypocrisy of the Republicans’ claim that they are avidly “pro-life.”

Americans must push Republicans to join with President Obama, and indeed the global community, and come together to not only address, but find a way to reduce, the deadly effects of global climate change. If they continue denying the existence of climate change the world, and America, will be forced to deal with increasing mass deaths from extreme weather events real scientists have been predicting were coming for the past thirty years.

At some point, it begins to appear that mass American deaths are exactly what Republicans are hoping for. There is little doubt that for Indians being burned alive from the inside, and victims of climate change-caused flooding and tornados in Texas and Oklahoma, the risk of climate change is much worse than one beheading. They also would also likely disagree with Mike Huckabee that what they are experiencing is much worse “a little sunburn.”


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  • Having been to Saudi Arabia, and having been 'privileged' enough to view such- I agree.
    A beheading is much worse than the Saudi Arabia Sunburns.

    However- I also agree that Conservatives and their wilfully ignoring the Climate Change that we can do something about in there here and now- is a far greater crime.

    Particularly since man-made Climate Change is already mentioned in the Bible.

    • Particularly since man-made Climate Change is already mentioned in the Bible.

      Since when is any Christian or right-wing politician for that matter, bound by what the Bible states --- or even by facts? They all want to be King James and edit their own holy book to suit their own version of their God's truth.

      To paraphrase George Carlin, "They created God in their own image and likes!"

    • The number of deaths from the entire history of terrorism will have nothing on Global Warming...if we even survive past 2050.

    • Mike Chucklebee is giving us a preview of how much fun watching the Republican Clown Bus roll around from one "debate" to another ... buckle yourself up, the ride is going to be bumpy.

  • I'm holding out the olive branch, to ALL the republicans who LOVE coming here, explain to me, how in GOD's name can you expect anyone to take you seriously?? huckabee is a JOKE! he's a buffoon! it completely blows my mind how republicans spend HOURS going to liberals sites with this built-in ARROGANCE! this holier than thou attitude! Think about it! if a outsider came to YOUR house and criticized your cooking, but never took one bite! criticized your parenting skills but never met your children! you republicans who come here, try this, TALK to people with the respect YOU want. BTW WHY don't you republican types actually LISTEN to what fellow republican BRUCE BARTLETT says about FOX NEWS and todays republicans, if YOU'RE going to go on the oppositions home turf, wouldn't YOU try to look for common ground rather than try to antagonize EVERYONE. So defending huckabee and expecting any level of respect isn't helping your credibility.

    • The reichwingers who troll progressive sites such as this one are, I am very sure, getting paid for each post. Watched a documentary on Putin's rise to power in Russia the other night. There is an entire building in St. Petersburg dedicated to trolling -- over 400 paid people sit at their little laptops scanning all the political and cultural websites to throw in their posts in praise of Putin and his mighty Russian economy (ha, that's a joke), culture, sports and above all, politics. Should we be at all surprised that the Kochs, the GOP, the TPers do the same thing in the U.S.? Frankly, just take all their posts with a grain of salt. Read them for their amusement value only!

  • These faux Christians know climate change is real, but their cash cows aren't going to buy the truth because Fox "News" tells them otherwise. Their money would dry up if they started telling the truth. Despicable! Huckabee isn't a Christian, quite the opposite.

  • Well knight, let's give it a shot. Huckabee is a fringe GOP candidate. I don't support him. So we agree.
    On the other hand, that article was not about Huckabee but about man-made global warming, which is a scam and a power play to control the means of energy production. The science is not settled, and there have been droughts and famines and hurricanes and floods heat waves and cold waves on this planet for as long as I've been alive. I don't think mankind caused the heat wave in India and if I'm wrong I don't think we have the ability to change our consumption of energy world-wide. Heck even India is refusing to cut back on coal production in the future, and they're the victims!

    • but about man-made global warming, which is a scam and a power play to control the means of energy production.
      So how does one control the Sun?
      The science is not settled,
      Yes it is.
      and there have been droughts and famines and hurricanes and floods heat waves and cold waves on this planet for as long as I’ve been alive.
      Longer actually.
      I don’t think mankind caused the heat wave in India and if I’m wrong I don’t think we have the ability to change our consumption of energy world-wide.
      False premise- we can use solar and other carbon neutral energy.
      Heck even India is refusing to cut back on coal production in the future, and they’re the victims!
      Irrelevant. We are all the victims because Republicans want to continue our addiction to carbon heavy energy. Particularly through cherry picking the data.
      Case in point.

      • We can't control the sun and the sun is mainly responsible for the warming/cooling cycles on this planet. Proves my point, not yours.

        The science is not settled. For one, there is a wealth of data showing the Earth hasn't warmed in the last 18 years. The excuse is the heat has all "gone into the oceans" but no GW prediction ever predicted that. Plus there have been dozens of false forecasts in the last 25 years that have completely failed.

        Yes, the earth's climate has ban changing for MILLIONS of years. Proves my point, not yours! Global warmists are basing everything on the last 150 years.

        Solar and wind power can't supply a FRACTION of the energy that petroleum products do, and they never will. Plus the manufacture of solar and wind creates plenty of pollution of its own.

        No country will sacrifice growth and prosperity by giving up coal and oil. That's what will cause famine and disaster. It's not irrelevant at all.

        • We can’t control the sun
          You just disproved your point concerning liberals wanting to 'control' oil and gas. The sun gives it's energy freely for us to use. Carbon-less energy.
          The science is clear- even an Engineer understands it, earth's climate is being affected by Man. Cite your source.
          Climate change records has shown an overwhelming increase in the last 150 years, that cannot be accounted for by any other means- fail yet robert.
          Solar and wind power can’t supply a FRACTION of the energy that petroleum products do right now.
          Yes they can and will- look at Germany. Coal and Oil, will run out. So inevitably we're gonna have to find something else.
          Plus the manufacture of solar and wind creates plenty of pollution of its own.
          But they don't cause Climate Change like Coal and Oil does. We can ameliorate their pollution.
          Giving up coal and oil is inevitable- they're not going to last forever. Time to break the addiction- now....

      • The American Physical Society, a science organization with 51,000 members no longer calls climate change "incontrovertible".
        Science NOT settled.

        • In essence, the 2007 statement was modified at the last moment by the “firebrands” in question, to declare that the science of man-made climate change is “incontrovertible.” This is an entirely unacceptable term for serious scientists, especially physicists. It implies conclusions that cannot be challenged, questions that cannot be asked – the very antithesis of the scientific method.

          Meaning- that anything can be challenged. Including Climate Change.


          Still unacceptable...

          Only Creationists and Republicans refuse to read ALL of the facts.
          Once again you demonstrate your Uber-Fail Specialk.

        • They are physicists not climate scientist. I know that's hard for you to understand but they have different fields of study
          Physicists Battle over the Meaning of "Incontrovertible" in Global Warming Fight
          (APS) now states that climate change is a "critical issue that poses the risk of significant disruption around the globe." It then discusses uncertainties inherent in climate science and the risk involved in not taking action in a draft statement that was released last week (see box for the 2007 and draft 2015 statements).

          To some, the latest version improves on a word—"incontrovertible"—that seems to conflict with the basic nature of science, but to others the change could sow confusion in the minds of the general public.

          Stop reading briefart you will be more knowledgeable instead of a effing idiot

          • You are truly stupid
            Physicists Battle over the Meaning of “Incontrovertible” in Global Warming Fight
            (APS) now states that climate change is a “critical issue that poses the risk of significant disruption around the globe.” It then discusses uncertainties inherent in climate science and the risk involved in not taking action in a draft statement that was released last week (see box for the 2007 and draft 2015 statements).

            Can you read English?

        • dj, I will notify them YOU have said they are unfit to discuss or make statements on climate change.
          Please provide your qualifications, references to scientific articles written, links, etc. lol


          Science settled.

          And to think your sperm cell was the fastest.

      • No you look at Germany again. They are having serious energy issues because of the choice they have made.
        If you set the baseline 150 years ago the planet has gotten warmer. If you set the baseline 800 years ago, the planet has gotten cooler.
        It's a false premise to think you can replace oil/coal/gas with windmills and solar panels. This country faces starvation in a week without 18-wheelers crisscrossing this nation with food. You going to outfit the nation's trucks with batteries? Good luck with that.

        • According to these folks:

          Germany is doing JUST FINE, particularly after that last solar eclipse.

          Speaking of False Premises:
          We go from the last 150 years because that's when the Industrial Revolution began. (more or less).The time when we started using a whole spitload more of carbon heavy power sources.

          And once again your wilful ignorance shines through:
          This country faces starvation in a week without 18-wheelers crisscrossing this nation with food. You going to outfit the nation’s trucks with batteries? Good luck with that.
          We're going to HAVE to. Because Oil and Coal is not going to last forever. The time to convert over is NOW, before we get to those easily avoidable dire straits.

          No Fool like a Republican Fool.

      • Moongrim, you love to talk about the "scientific method." I'm curious if we have the same definition of the scientific method. For example, feeding numbers into a computer with a program about global warming and reading the computer's results is not the scientific method. Forecasts of the future of any kind in any subject is not the scientific method. The scientific method looks at collected data and forms a theory on why the data is that way. Darwin didn't try to predict what's going to happen in the future. He attempted to explain what happened in the past.

        • I'm supposed to be taking lessons on the scientific method from a man who refuses to recognize sound science?


      • I know they don't knight! That wasn't my point. My point is, why do you think the Republicans are somehow different in their varieties of thought? They don't all think the same; they have a whole range of viewpoints. That's why the Republicans are fighting with the Teaparty. Don't paint all the GOP with the same broad brush.

        • Not all republicans are teabaggers but the ones that are not let the baggers run the asylum. Just ask the drunk one why he cant legislate

    • Robert, once again you are completely wrong, no surprise here. The SCIENCE IS settled and there is more evidence of global climate change every day. It doesn't take a scientist to understand that you cannot belch into the air and dump into our oceans billions of tons of crap for over 150 years and not expect the earth's delicate biosphere to become unbalanced. To believe what YOU and the majority of the right wing believe IS unbalanced! It is incredibly naïve and insane, for you and jimmyk to be so arrogant as to go against 99% of the world in this is the height of hubris and the depths of ignorance only for the sake of opposing because it fits YOUR opinion. And you wonder why we act as we do...more arrogance from you, how else would you expect someone to react to such unabashed anti-reality for the sake of it's self. Take a good look in the mirror sometime.

  • College in Miami for Bush announcement June 15th is...

    71% Hispanic

    17% Black

    58% women

    He will get the 10 white males in the audience to pay attention.

    The rest of the audience will boo him or fall asleep, hopefully.

  • Thank you @robert, but this article IS about huckabee, it's about the entire republican party! @robert, C'mon, name ONE GOP politician who believes in climate change? ONE. I'm using critical thinking skills, if scientist having been saying for over 100 yrs that the polar caps are melting and CARBON is being found in the ARTIC, doesn't logic dictate that this is more than nature going through a cycle? And @robert, WHY are 100% of republicans saying the same exact thing? and ask yourself, WHO would lose TRILLIONS of dollars if we take global warming seriously? corporations who need to dump their byproduct in the AIR and water?

  • I can't get past the idea of yours that an entire political party of millions of people are all thinking the same thing in lockstep. Do you think that about the democrats, the liberals, the progressives? Heck I've read huge fights break out on this site over topics, and you're all the same right?
    Predicting the future has been folly for the alarmists. The ice cap was supposed to have melted long ago. The sea level was already supposed to have flooded all the coastal cities by now. Every time a deadline comes and goes they just change the name (Global warming to climate change) and revise all the END OF THE WORLD scenarios to a further date down the road.
    Ban coal and oil and gas right now. wORLD-WIDE. if YOU HAD A MAGIC WAND WOULD YOU DO IT? If you did, you would see starvation, war and disease like nothing ever before in all of human history.

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