Check Out This Tweet Where Candace Owens Predicted India Would Prove That Social Distancing Doesn’t Work

For a variety of reasons, many Conservatives have decided to take COVID-19 much less seriously than Liberals. The number one…

2 years ago

Fearing Corrupt White House, WSJ Tells Trump To Liquidate All Assets

"Donald Trump promised to change Washington's culture of self-dealing, and if he wants to succeed he's going to have to…

7 years ago

Ann Coulter Says Immigrants Will Rape and Impregnate Your Little Girls

Apparently, women are not already sexually abused in Ann Coulter's America. Maybe she needs to get out more.

8 years ago

Huckabee Thinks One Beheading Is Worse Than 17 Texans Killed In Record Floods

Huckabee raged and attempted to contradict the President telling Fox News that, "I assure you that one beheading is much…

8 years ago

Pew Report Details the Sorry State of Religious Tolerance in the World

Pew tells us restrictions on religion were high or very high in 39% of countries and that Muslims are as…

8 years ago

Obama to cut short India trip to pay call on Saudi Arabia

President Barack Obama will shorten his trip to India and divert to Saudi Arabia, paying respects after the death of…

8 years ago

Why The World Can’t Breathe

In the heated space between two murders, both committed by police officers who were later given a free pass by…

8 years ago

Indians Protest Brutal Rape of Young Woman Who Died Today

A 23-year-old female who was brutally gang-raped in India died today as a result of her injuries. Her attack has…

10 years ago

Man Charged with Blasphemy for Pointing out Weeping Jesus Miracle was Plumbing Problem

In India, you can apparently be charged with blasphemy for pointing out that a statue of Jesus is not, in…

11 years ago