Bernie Sanders Is Rocking American Politics With The Radical Idea Of Telling The Truth

On HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Bernie Sanders admitted the secret to the success of his presidential campaign. He is telling voters the truth.


Sanders said, “What the campaign is about is a very radical idea. We’re going to tell the truth, and the truth is that for forty years the middle-class in this country has been disappearing, and there has been a huge transfer of wealth from working families to the top one-tenth of one percent, and what the people of this country are saying is enough is enough. Our government and our country belong to all of us and not just a few billionaires.”

While Republicans are twisting themselves into knots to avoid telling voters the truth about the Charleston shootings, Bernie Sanders is traveling around the country telling people the truth on a variety of issues.

The truth that Sanders is discussing is some great unknown. People already understand what their politicians won’t admit. There is something fundamentally wrong with a country where billionaires have been given a green light to buy control of the government through campaign contributions. There is something fundamentally undemocratic about the fact that the rungs of the ladder of economic opportunity are being sawed off for millions while wealth continues to flow to the few at the top.

There is something wrong with a society where one political party is taking rights away from women and opposing equal pay for equal work. Immigrants should have a path to citizenship instead of being demonized as criminals.

These are of the simple truths that Bernie Sanders is telling, and it is also why he is shaking American politics to its core.

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