Hillary Clinton Seizes The Moral High Ground And Slams Mike Huckabee For Holocaust Comments

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While campaigning in Iowa, Hillary Clinton slammed Mike Huckabee for his Holocaust comments that were offensive to every American and over the line.


While campaigning in Iowa, Clinton said, “Comments like these are offensive and have no place in our political dialogue. I am disappointed and I am really offended personally. I know Governor Huckabee. I have a cordial relationship with him. He served as governor of Arkansas. But I find this kind of inflammatory rhetoric totally unacceptable. One can disagree with the particulars of the agreement to put a lid on the nuclear weapons program of Iran. That is fair game, but this is over the line.”


Hillary Clinton’s reply to Huckabee was powerful because it is an example of how Democrats have turned the extremist rhetoric of Republicans into a moral issue. For decades, Republicans assumed the moral high ground, but as Sec. Clinton pointed out the things that Republicans are saying on the campaign trail are morally offensive.

One does not have to support President Obama or the Democratic Party to be offended by Huckabee’s comparison. Mike Huckabee marginalized the Holocaust by comparing it to a diplomatic international agreement. People should be outraged and offended.

In terms of politics, Huckabee is another in the long line of Republican presidential candidates whose campaigns are going absolutely nowhere. Donald Trump has taken all of the oxygen out of the campaigns of candidates like Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, and Ted Cruz. While hundreds of reporters are following Trump around, the rest of the Republican field can’t get media attention, so they are upping the ante with hateful remarks to get attention.


Huckabee’s remarks demonstrate that Republicans are incapable of discussing substance and policy. Republicans can’t explain why the agreement on the Iran nuclear program is a “bad deal.” Instead of debating policy, the default position of Republicans is to go straight to inflammatory rhetoric.

Clinton is right. Huckabee went over the line, but these are the desperate measures that Republican candidates have to take to get noticed.


When a candidate is incapable of discussing policy, all they have left is the language of hate.

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