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The Democratic Response to GOP Debates “Stop Hillary” Password

Do you remember the GOP’s password for their last debate? For the Republicans as we all know, the Benghazi hoax, the whole election process so far, has been about stopping Hillary Clinton. They couldn’t be any clearer about this:

Democrats have a response for their debate tonight, and they, too, could not be any clearer:

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus would have you believe that Fox just showed you how to run a debate:

What you saw the other night from the GOP debaters was a prolonged “Stop Hillary” infomercial. What you will see tonight from the Democrats is an actual debate about actual problems facing actual Americans. Obviously, there is a huge difference. One is about Democracy. The other is about control.

Democracy requires a free exchange of ideas. It does not require a script. On the contrary, a script is the antithesis of democracy. Democracy requires freedom. It does not require passwords, because freedom is for everyone, or for no one at all.

So watch the Democratic debate tonight, and enjoy democracy, and your freedom, in action.

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