Marco Rubio Gets Raked Over Hot Florida Coals for Failing to Do His Job

Marco Rubio is being raked over the coals by Floridians for refusing to say why he won’t do his job, and even the Senate Judiciary Chair ringleader of Not Doing His Job Chuck Grassley is hanging Rubio out to dry.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FLA) was already infamous for not showing up to actually work during his brief time as a Senator, when he decided why not parlay that failure into a run for the White House. In early November of 2015, Rubio made news for missing 42% of his votes since he declared his candidacy, whereas in contrast, Senator Sanders had only missed 4% at the same juncture in time.

The Republican establishment, which had already lowered its standards in the past to such an extent that they believed Sarah Palin would be a good second in command of the nation, had no problem with Rubio.

After Jeb Bush failed, Rubio was the golden boy. Not because of his record or accomplishments. No. Because of his “story”. Republicans thought they had their own “Obama”, as they called Rubio, suggesting that they saw a minority with an American story and figured that’s the same as Obama. They never looked under the hood, but Florida did.

Florida is not impressed with the Republican Senator. Wednesday morning in the esteemed Tampa Bay Times, Alex Leary took the Republican Senator to task (i.e., reported facts) for not saying why he continued to block a South Florida judicial nominee he actually recommended to President Obama.

This seat has been empty since 2014 and Leary notes is considered an emergency given the backlogged cases. The result, Leary writes, is that Rubio has basically killed Mary Barzee Flores’ chances of being confirmed and he will not say why.

Sen. Bill Nelson, who jointly recommended Flores, told the Tampa Bay Times, “I have spoken with Rubio and he said he’s not going to return the blue slip.”


And the best part is Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who is also Chairman of the Do Not Do Your Job campaign against President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, is pointing his finger at Rubio saying Rubio is the hold up.

Chuck Grassley, who of late takes pride in refusing to do his job for no good reason, is pointing his finger at Rubio, the Republican known for setting the low bar for not doing his job, as Grassley does the exact same thing. Is this a nursery school playground or the U.S. Senate?

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) said of Grassley on the Senate floor Wednesday, “The senior senator from Iowa has spent two months trying to explain away his obstruction of President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. Wouldn’t it just be easier to give Merrick Garland a hearing and vote? Wouldn’t it be easier for him just to do his job?”

Yes, it would be easier for Republicans to do their job, but they have also admitted their obstruction is a get out the vote tool and they are sure going to need that, given their unpopular policies and refusal to enter into he modern day world.

Rubio won’t return the blue slip for his own recommended nominee. He’d rather do nothing. Why would this upset Chuck Grassley or anyone who votes Republican? This is what you get.

What to do in the face of an emergency if you’re a Republican? Do nothing. Whatever you do, do not do your job.

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