Obama Just Made Trump Look Like A Total Idiot While Debunking Rigged Election Talk

While campaigning for Democrats in Las Vegas, NV, President Obama took apart Donald Trump’s rigged election conspiracy, and in the process made the Republican nominee look like an idiot.


Obama said:

In terms of this whole rigging thing, look, I don’t have to tell you this, but I’ll just go ahead and tell you anyway. Your governor’s a Republican. You got Republican governors in almost all the swing states like Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Iowa. You’ve got Republican governors in Texas and Arizona.

In every polling place, there are Democrats and Republicans watching how the ballots are filled out and how they’re turned in. There are Republicans and Democrats watching how they are counted.

If this is rigged, boy, it would be a really big conspiracy.

A Republican governor is not going to rig an election for Hillary Clinton or rig an election for Catherine (Cortez Masto). So forget the rigging talk. You know what is going to win this election? You are.

President Obama is correct. The Trump talk of a rigged election is complete nonsense. Republicans aren’t going to rig the election for Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat.

Obama made Trump look like a fool who is desperate to find something else to blame for his looming potential defeat.

At a time when the Republican nominee for president has come completely unglued, President Obama is standing up to be the sane voice of reason which is protecting the integrity of our democratic electoral process.

This is yet another reason to be thankful that President Barack Obama is still occupying the White House.

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