As Russia Scandal Explodes, House GOPer Trashes The Constitution And Claims Nunes Works For Trump

House Republican Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) trashed the separation of powers in the US Constitution by claiming that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes works for Donald Trump.

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This was Yoho’s exchange with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin:

YOHO: [Nunes] answers to the president

MELVIN: Does he? Or does he work for constituents?

YOHO: Well, you do both.

That’s not how any of this works.

The Legislative Branch is supposed to provide oversight over the Executive Branch. The legislature does not work for the president. The Legislative Branch does not work for the president. It is not their job to cover-up potential crimes by a president and his administration.

A Republican member of the House tried to defend potential illegal activities by the President and the House Intelligence Committee chairman by stomping all over the Constitution. Ted Yoho’s comments demonstrate why the Russia scandal is bigger than Trump and the White House.

America’s problem is not only a corrupt president, but a corrupt majority party that is running Congress.

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