Americans Can Smell The Fail On Trump As Just 20% Think He Will Repeal and Replace Obamacare

A brutal first 100 days for President Trump, and it just got worse.

In his “Contract with American Voters”, candidate Trump promised he would repeal and replace Obamacare in the first 100 days of his presidency. That’s not happening.

And the public knows it. In January, 50% of the people thought Trump would repeal and replace Obamacare, according to a CNN/ORC poll. It’s just 20% now.

“Three months ago, just before Donald Trump took office, about half of Americans said it was very likely that the new President, armed with a Republican majority in both houses of Congress, would repeal and replace the law known as Obamacare.
Now, after multiple unsuccessful efforts to fulfill that campaign pledge, a new CNN/ORC poll finds just 20% say it’s very likely the President and Republicans in Congress will fulfill that promise.” CNN reports on the poll.

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This explains why Donald Trump keeps blaming Democrats for his failures. He has no one else to blame except the people responsible- and that would be himself and the Republicans who are in charge of the House and Senate.

There is no reason – other than public opinion- why Republicans couldn’t repeal and replace Obamacare. What happened was multiple hits from various corners putting pressure on Congressional Republicans, both from the people and various right wing special interest groups who weren’t happy with now failed Trumpcare, the replacement.

Ultimately, though, Republicans couldn’t pass Trumpcare because House conservatives blocked the President’s bill.

Trump’s Gettysburg promise claimed, for example, that it would be the United States, not Mexico, paying for his proposed border wall. That is obviously not happening. Trump can’t even get Republicans to fund his wall. He not only caved on Mexico paying for it, but caved on getting it funded by the US taxpayers. Many of Trump’s promises, like his promise to get out of NAFTA on day one, he has multiple excuses for not doing yet, many of which look like fumbles as he and his entire team learn how government actually works.

But he sold the people someone who didn’t know anything about government, a “non-politician”, and that is what they got. It’s just that Trump is actually worse than any politician out there with his broken promises, ineptitude, filling the swamp with his own friends and special interests, and wasting of taxpayer money.

Watch here:

Trump said his very specific promises were “a contract between Donald J. Trump and the American voter.”

Contract broken.

Just 20% think Trump will keep this huge promise to repeal and replace Obamacare — not just a Trump promise, but the entire reason for the entire Republican Party’s existence in Congress according to the last 7 years of their own rhetoric. Sad.

He certainly won’t be doing it in the first 100 days, as Congressional Republicans have already run screaming in the other direction.

The good news is keeping Obamacare, even in its currently Republican-sabotaged form, is better for the majority of Americans, including the people who still don’t know what it is and what it does.

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