Paranoid Trump Accuses States He Won Of Conspiring Against Him To Hide Voter Fraud

Donald Trump is claiming that the states are “hiding something” by refusing to turn over sensitive voter personal information to his commission that looks designed to suppress the vote.

Trump tweeted:

The problem with Trump’s claim is that many of the states that are refusing to turn over data are states that he won. The majority of the country has refused to give Trump what he wants because they are protecting their power under the Constitution.

Here is the list of states via Ari Berman of The Nation:

The majority of the list is made up of states that Trump won in 2016:

1). AZ

2). IN

3). KY

4). MS

5). MT

6). NC

7). ND

8). OH

9). OK

10). PA

11). SD

12). TN

13). TX

14). UT

15). WI

The President is so crazy that he is claiming that states he won are conspiring against him to cover up voter fraud. His conspiracy makes no sense, and it all centered around a belief that he did not lose the popular vote to Hillary Clinton. This would all seem silly if it wasn’t a demonstration of Trump’s inability to accept reality.

Substitute voter fraud for a North Korea nuclear bomb, and the problem becomes much more serious. Trump’s refusal to live in reality is putting the United States and the world at risk. If Trump believes that North Korea has a nuclear weapon, when they don’t, it could lead to world war.

If Trump will attack that the states that supported him in a presidential election because he believes in a conspiracy theory, there are no limits to the damage that the mentally unwell president could cause.

The states did something that the President’s party won’t do. They stood up to Trump, and as a result, the President is psychologically breaking with reality.

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