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A New ‘Pink Resistance’ Is Transforming American Politics Forever

Conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin, a longtime Republican, warned her party on Tuesday that Donald Trump has “unleashed a pink resistance that will transform American politics forever.”

Writing in the Washington Post, Rubin said Trump’s anti-woman rhetoric and the horrible treatment of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford have created a schism between women and the GOP that will never be repaired. The result, she said, will transform American politics forever.

In her column Rubin cites an earlier Washington Post article that described the ‘pink resistance’ as:

“A movement led by hundreds of thousands of mostly white, college-educated, middle-aged women who trace their inspiration to the inaugural women’s marches in January 2017 and whose ambitions have only grown amid a succession of disagreements with President Trump, including over the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh.”

“The pink resistance is reflected in the historic number of women running for office,” Rubin added, noting that over 500 women are running for Congress, governorships and other seats, and most of them are Democrats. Not only that but there are now many female donors, who have become a new group of power players in the political world.

“At a time that President Trump and his most devoted fans — evangelicals — have abandoned any pretense that character and public morality matter, it is progressive women who have insisted that honesty, decency, respect and kindness count most of all,” she continued.

She then went on to write:

“It is the daily drumbeat of insults, bullying and belittling that spurs these women on to do whatever they can to curtail and eventually end Trumpism.”

“Republicans, soaked in their male grievance mentality, remain largely oblivious to the potential for a shift in politics from tribal rigidity to public morality, from one based on bluster and bullying to one that elevates public virtue, something Republicans used to believe in.”

“I suspect that 2018 will be the first election, but certainly not the last, in which brigades of women, spurred by righteous anger, play a role far weightier than their numbers would suggest.”

Jennifer Rubin is right. Donald Trump and his fellow misogynistic Republicans have created a monster which she has appropriately named the Pink Resistance. It is women who are most outraged at Donald Trump’s words and behavior, and it is women who will take back our government and preserve decency and democracy in America.

In just 20 days we will have midterm elections and it will be women voters who will have to step up and send a message to the GOP that their anti-woman policies and programs will no longer be tolerated in this country.

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