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CBS News Says New Mueller Indictments Could Be Coming Today

CBS News is reporting this morning that special counsel Robert Mueller is expected to soon issue new indictments in the ongoing probe of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. They said that the new indictments may be issued as early as today.

The news agency said that a significant number of new indictments may be sent out in the ongoing investigation which has already resulted in numerous guilty pleas by top officials who worked to elect President Donald Trump. Mueller’s team has also previously issued 30 criminal indictments in the case.

CBS said that is has sources with inside knowledge of the investigation. They reportedly told Paula Reid, a CBS anchor, that they are expecting that the new indictments will come down this week sometime, and possibly right away.

“I’ve spoken with many sources with knowledge of the Special Counsel investigation, and we do expect new indictments to be coming as soon as today,” Reid said.

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@PaulaReidCBS reports: “I’ve spoken with many sources with knowledge of the Special Counsel investigation, and we do expect new indictments to be coming as soon as today.”

Since the midterm elections concluded there has been a great deal of speculation about Mueller’s next moves. It is widely believed that he has mostly concluded his investigation, having talked to almost all key witnesses. Therefore, many knowledgeable people have given their opinions that more indictments would soon be made public. These could be new indictments, or they could be the opening of sealed indictments which had been secretly issued by a grand jury over the past year.

The fact that Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, was in Washington, D.C., on Monday to meet with Mueller’s investigators led to more speculation about the special counsel’s next moves.

In addition, friends of Donald Trump Jr. have disclosed that the president’s son believes he will soon be indicted by Mueller also. Yesterday prominent “birther” and conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi said he expects to be indicted. Longtime Trump associate Roger Stone has also said that he expects to be indicted soon.

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