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Biden Debates Explosive Launch Naming Stacey Abrams as His Running Mate

New reporting this morning has revealed that former vice president Joe Biden may soon announce he is running for president, and at the same time might announce that Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams will be his running mate if he wins the Democratic Party nomination next year.

The report came from Axios and is based on conversations with Biden advisers who are close to the potential candidate’s decision making process.

Biden’s aides reportedly believe that pairing him with Abrams would show he is not “just another old white guy.”

Biden, 76, has not yet jumped into the race, but would join a pool of Democrats historically diverse in age, race and gender.

Abrams is seen as a rising Democratic star, and nearly became the first African American woman elected governor of any state. She fought a tough gubernatorial campaign in Georgia last year, and even though she was ultimately unsuccessful, she has maintained a national profile. She was chosen to deliver the Democratic response to Donald Trump’s State of the Union address in January and did an excellent job.

It was reported last week that the former vice president is considering an early vice president selection for his campaign, and has discussed the possibility with his advisers and other top party figures.

According to Axios, Biden’s advisers are undecided about an early VP announcement. They have concerns that announcing Abrams as a running mate will be seen as a “gimmick,” and will open Biden up to criticism that he is overlooking other Democratic candidates as possible running mates.

Biden and Abrams met last week amid rumors of both candidates entering the race. Abrams has met with a number of other 2020 Democrats as well, including Sens. Elizabeth Warren, (Mass.), Kamala Harris (Calif.) and Cory Booker (N.J.).

Abrams Has Two Conditions If She Is Going to Run

The Associated Press reported this morning that:

“Abrams is willing to meet with any candidate running for president in 2020, but warned she has two ground rules before she starts meeting with the wide range of Democratic hopefuls.”

“My two requirements,” Abrams said Tuesday at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. “One, you have to tell me what you’re going to do about voter suppression. And two, you have to believe Georgia is a swing state.”

Abrams said earlier this month that under a previous career plan, 2028 had been the earliest she would consider a run for president. She quickly added that a run in 2020 is “definitely on the table.”

Naming Abrams As VP Would Be a Risky Move for Biden

Choosing any person as a running mate early presents a real risk for Joe Biden. Historically such announcements are made after a person wins the party nomination for president. It’s not clear that choosing Abrams now as a running mate will help Biden win the Democratic nomination next year. She would bring diversity and excitement to the ticket, perhaps, but she does not have the credentials of other women running for president, such as Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren.

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