Biden Tells Friends He’ll Run as Global Leaders Beg Him to Beat Trump

Leaders from around the globe are desperately urging Joe Biden to run for president next year, hoping that he will beat Donald Trump and restore order and normalcy to the world stage.

The former Vice President also reached out to his close supporters on Tuesday saying he intends to run for president in 2020, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal.

POLITICO reported Wednesday that many global leaders approached Biden during a recent Munich Security Conference and practically begged Biden to declare his candidacy. They tried to make him see that among Democrats running in 2020 only he has the foreign policy expertise that is needed right now.

Since then Biden has reportedly spoken with several world leaders and global allies who have all been pushing him to throw his hat in the ring for the Democratic nomination next year.

One such instance was even caught by CNN cameras when the president of Armenia, Armen Sarkissian, cornered Biden at a meeting and said, “Are you going to run?”

Other foreign heads of state reportedly expressed similar thoughts to Biden during the Munich conference. One attendee told POLITICO that U.S. relationships with countries who have backed away from the Trump administration will improve if Biden is in the White House.

The discussions with world leaders have reportedly swayed Biden and convinced him that his experience is needed now more than ever.

The Wall Street Journal report said that the former vice president is holding off on a formal campaign launch until he can line up more financial support. They said he is anxious for a strong entrance into the race, and he does not want to be seen as lagging behind competitors such as Sen. Bernie Sanders and Beto O’Rourke when it comes to fundraising.

Recently, at a political event, Biden seemed to indicate he was running, to the delight of the audience, while touting his own legislative record.

“I have the most progressive record of anybody running for,” he said, before rephrasing his comments to say “anybody who would run” for president.

Biden Is Not the Most Progressive Democrat, But He Has the Most Experience

Even though Joe Biden is not currently as progressive in his policy positions as other Democrats running for president, he has a history of progressivism. His long career in the U.S. Senate, as well as his eight years as vice president under Barack Obama, have prepared him for the presidency in a way that no other candidate can match.

Not only that, but in several recent polls he has been the clear frontrunner for the 2020 nomination.

Millions of Democrats want a young candidate. Millions of Democrats want a woman candidate. Millions of Democrats want a minority candidate.

But all Democrats want a candidate who can win against Donald Trump or any other Republican in 2020, and it may be that Joe Biden is indeed the candidate with the best chance to win.