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While At A Golf Course For The 210th Time, Trump Claims Obama Didn’t Do His Job As President

On his way back from 210th visit as president to one of his golf courses, Donald Trump claimed that Obama didn’t do his job as president.

Trump said, “If you just look, we have now two supreme court justices. Great ones. And who would have thought that was going to happen in, you know, long prior to three years? So we have two and equally importantly, we will have within another 90 days 179 federal judges, and I say thank you very much, President Obama, because he was unable to get them filled.

I don’t know what happened to them but he was unable. So President Obama did not do his job and I inherited 138 empty positions and, honestly, from his standpoint, and the standpoint of where he’s coming from, that shouldn’t have happened.”


Trump made these comments after visiting a golf club for the 210th time as president.

Everyone knows that Obama nominated judges to fill each of these vacancies, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked Obama’s nominees.

Every single Republican in the Senate at the time blocked President Obama’s nominees.

McConnell even blocked Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

Trump’s got his judicial nominees confirmed because Mitch McConnell stopped blocking them.

It was no great achievement on Trump’s part. Trump deserves no credit.

Trump is getting more desperate in his sad attempts to measure up to Barack Obama.

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