Young Voters Planning To Turn Out At 2008 Levels As Blue Wave Builds Around Biden

If Biden is able to run up the score among young voters and win over seniors, it will be nearly…

3 days ago

Obama Throws Merrick Garland Back Into Mitch McConnell’s Face

President Obama remembered RBG with a touching statement, but he also threw McConnell's blocking of Merrick Garland's nomination back at…

6 days ago

Jealous Melania Trump Attacked Michelle Obama

An upcoming book takes the mask off of First Lady Melania Trump by revealing that she's jealous of Michelle Obama…

4 weeks ago

Obama To Call Trump A Failure In Democratic Convention Speech

During his remarks at the Democratic convention, former President Barack Obama will tear apart Trump for failing America.

1 month ago

Tucker Carlson Spins Out On Live TV Over Michelle Obama’s Well-Received DNC Speech

Playing to his audience of one – Donald Trump – Tucker Carlson suggested that the former first lady is like…

1 month ago

Michelle Obama Drops A Truth Bomb And Obliterates Trump

Former First Lady Michelle Obama closed out night one of the Democratic convention that destroyed Trump with total honesty.

1 month ago

Obama Says Trump “Takes Responsibility for Nothing But Takes Credit for Everything.”

In an interview with former campaign manager David Plouffe, former President Barack Obama said President Donald Trump “takes responsibility for nothing but…

1 month ago

Obama Says Biden Nailed It With Kamala Harris Pick

Former President Barack Obama praised Joe Biden for picking Sen. Kamala Harris to be his running mate. Obama said Biden…

2 months ago

An Obama Or A Biden Is Scheduled To Close Every Night Of The Democratic Convention

The current Democratic Convention schedule, which is subject to change after the VP pick, has an Obama or a Bien…

2 months ago

Trump Adviser Crumbles When Ari Melber Shows Him Proof That Obama Built A Stronger Economy

Donald Trump's pre-pandemic economy wasn't even as strong as Barack Obama's was, let alone the greatest in American history.

2 months ago

Tucker Carlson Calls Obama A ‘Greasy Politician’ In Unhinged Tantrum Over John Lewis Eulogy

Despite Tucker Carlson's grade-school tantrum, the purpose of Obama's eulogy wasn't to please right-wing extremists who employ white supremacists.

2 months ago

Obama Gets A Standing Ovation At John Lewis’s Service For Calling Out Trump Voter Suppression

Former President Obama got a standing ovation at John Lewis's funeral when he called out Republicans for trying to stop…

2 months ago

Trump Just Tried To Upstage John Lewis’s Funeral As Obama Speaks

Trump gathered the White House Press Pool, even though he had nothing on his schedule, just before Barack Obama spoke…

2 months ago

Obama Triggers A Trump Meltdown With New Support For Biden

Trump is spending the workday melting down over a new burst of support from Barack Obama for his former vice…

2 months ago

Barack Obama Beautifully Remembers Rep. John Lewis

Former President Barack Obama remembered the late Rep. John Lewis and perfectly summed up the enormous impact that Lewis had…

2 months ago

Trump Throws A Fit After Getting Busted For Playing Nearly 3 Times More Golf Than Obama

Trump threw a fit on Sunday after getting called out for his frequent golfing, but he has played nearly three…

3 months ago

Trump Demands An Apology From Obama And Biden For Mike Flynn

Trump demanded that Barack Obama and Joe Biden apologize for the Mike Flynn case, even though Flynn confessed to a…

3 months ago

Lindsey Graham Melts Down And Blames Obama For Police Brutality

At a Senate Republican press conference introducing their version of a policing bill, Sen. Lindsey Graham claimed none of this…

3 months ago

Larry Kudlow Declares Racism Extinct Because Some White People Voted For Barack Obama

Larry Kudlow has proven time and again that he wasn't even qualified to be a cable news personality, much less…

3 months ago

Biden Tells Trump To Stop Obsessing Over Barack Obama And Start Acting Like A President

Joe Biden shredded Donald Trump for his cruel decision to dismantle Barack Obama era LGBTQ protections during Pride month.

3 months ago

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