Trump Sent 17.8 Tons Of US Supplies To China Then Blames Obama For PPE Shortage

Trump is blaming Obama for lack of Personal Protective Equipment to combat the coronavirus, but his administration sent tons of…

59 mins ago

Obama Cabinet Tried To Warn Trump About Pandemic Preparations Nearly 4 Years Ago

Former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said that the Obama cabinet tried to warn the incoming Trump cabinet about preparing for…

3 days ago

The Obama White House Warned Trump In 2017 About A Potential Global Pandemic

Donald Trump's incoming administration was warned by Obama officials in 2017 about the need to plan for a global pandemic.

2 weeks ago

Trump Has A Total Meltdown And Falsely Blames Obama For Coronavirus

Trump falsely blamed Obama and attacked his own CDC as he shows zero presidential leadership in the face of a…

2 weeks ago

In One Tweet, Barack Obama Shows More Leadership On Coronavirus Than Trump Ever Has

In just one tweet, Obama showed more leadership than Donald Trump has at any point throughout this global health emergency.

2 weeks ago

Trump Blames Obama For His Bungled Coronavirus Response

Trump is trying to falsely blame former President Obama for the fact that he did not have testing kits ready…

4 weeks ago

Thanks Obama, Obamacare Would Make The Coronavirus Vaccine Free

Donald Trump doesn't know this, but the coronavirus vaccine would be free under a little known provision in the Affordable…

4 weeks ago

Obama Asks TV Stations To Drop Anti-Biden Ads Using His Voice

Former President Obama has asked South Carolina TV stations to stop running anti-Biden ads from a pro-Trump super PAC that…

1 month ago

White House Freaks Out After Obama Trolls Them On The Economy

The White House is pushing Trump's fantasy of economic greatness by claiming that the economy under Obama was "horrible."

1 month ago

With One Tweet, Obama Takes Credit For The Economy Back From Trump

Former President Barack Obama reminded everyone who is really responsible for the current economy with a single tweet marking the…

1 month ago

Obama To Stay Out Of The Primary, But Unite The Party In Summer

Former President Barack Obama plans to stay out of the Democratic primary, but he will be working at the convention…

1 month ago

President Obama’s Job Record Still Trounces Trump’s

You wouldn't know this from reading most media reports, but the job growth under Trump has actually slowed when compared…

2 months ago

Trump’s Impeachment Defense Is Now Blaming Obama

Trump's impeachment lawyers can't debate the facts so they are falsely claiming that Obama did the same thing that Trump…

2 months ago

Republicans Falsely Accuse Obama Of Impeachable Offenses To Defend Trump

Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) couldn't defend Trump on the facts, so he accused Obama of impeachable offenses.

2 months ago

On Michelle Obama’s Birthday, Barack Reminds America What It’s Like To Have A Real First Family

Former President Barack Obama sent a tweet to mark his wife Michelle's birthday that was full of love and a…

2 months ago

Trump Wants To Start A War With Iran Because He’s Obsessed With Looking Tougher Than Obama

Every decision he makes, whether it's international or domestic affairs, is driven by his desire to undo the record of…

3 months ago

MAGA Heads Explode After Joe Biden Hints At Nominating Barack Obama To Supreme Court

Biden was asked at a town hall event in Iowa whether he would nominate the former president, and he was…

3 months ago

Homeless Population Is Up Each Year Since Trump Took Office After Plunging Under Obama-Biden

A closer look at the facts surrounding homelessness in America indicates that it might not be a fight Trump wants…

3 months ago

Trump Blames Obama For Lightbulb Law That Bush Signed

The full White House has joined Trump's lightbulb jihad, and they're blaming Obama for a law that Bush signed in…

3 months ago

Republicans Blame Obama During Trump Impeachment Debate

During the House debate on the rules for impeachment debate, Republicans ranted about Obama and Eric Holder while avoiding the…

3 months ago

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