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White House Throws A Tantrum Over Devastating Impeachment Report

The White House responded to a report that laid out hundreds of pages of evidence against Donald Trump by throwing a tantrum about Adam Schiff.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “At the end of a one-sided sham process, Chairman Schiff and the Democrats utterly failed to produce any evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump. This report reflects nothing more than their frustrations. Chairman Schiff’s report reads like the ramblings of a basement blogger straining to prove something when there is evidence of nothing.”

Anyone who reads even a few pages of the report will quickly understand that it is not the ramblings of a “basement blogger,” but a thoroughly complied and extremely detailed case that Donald Trump committed several impeachable offenses while he was running his months-long scheme to extort Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden and a debunked Russian propaganda conspiracy theory.

The only rambling basement blogger in this situation is Donald Trump on Twitter.

The decision by the administration to continue to attack Adam Schiff tells the American people all that they need to know about Trump’s guilt.

The White House won’t produce witnesses or documents, and nowhere in the Press Secretary’s statement is there any dispute about the facts.

Impeachment is about Donald Trump, not Adam Schiff, and the administration’s reaction to this report is evidence of Trump’s guilt.

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